399 [Easy money environment continues. Oct 29, 2021]

  • GME actually looking very interesting on the weekly and monthly, this thing is coiled, reminds me of AMC back in [13/5/2021], had a huge volume breakout, grinded a little pulled back, found support on the 10day, and then.. These are the stocks you cannot sell them too early, it’s better to sell them breakeven than let an opp like this pass by.
  • I’m gonna go study the move of AMC on the hourly chart, how it acted. This was the first breakout had a range just like LCID, pulled back to the 10day and then it just kept going and going. Look the the 60min this hourly breakout, this htf, gapped up and then just went. Opportunities like this, extreme momo stocks with extreme volume, you keep thinking they’re too high and then they double one more time, this is where the money is, I really try to study these. Same thing with NIO last year, totally underestimate them every time, look at these htfs it had, had a gap up then just kept going and going. These are the ones that are gonna make you money, high momo stocks, and ironically some momo traders avoid those, but that’s where the money is, but remember these types of setups only work in momo markets.
  • LCID dreams. Omg the volume on LCID insane. I have an enormous position in this, I had a decent position from four days ago but I added yday ah, and today at the open. Look at the volume on it, it’s already traded $1B worth of stock absolutely nuts. Kinda funny everyone is trying to find the rationale for this, I’ll tell you what’s the rationale, it’s breaking out of this long flag, that’s why it’s going up. I still have most of my shares from here [25/10/2021] from orhs 25s, and I’d rather let this thing stop me out below the 10day than pass on an opp for this thing to go absolutely crazy, this volume, already traded more than 100Mshares insane.
  • TEAM and LC, they worked bc they were coming off 3-6months price consolidation last earnings season, now they’re both kinda extended these are more continuation EPs, they can work but the success rate is much lower. You want to find the ones coming off 3-6month or more consolidations.
  • QS bought breakout. Coming out of this big base just like PLUG was a couple weeks ago, all these things have been basing, and it is the right sector. It’s exactly these types of charts and this sector that have been working the past few weeks. My stop is a little bit wider than atr but not a big deal, on a stock like this has enormous potential, the chart is just right, the volume is just right, there’s call buying, theme is right, everything is just right it’s not some random breakout.
  • TAN is one that really annoys me, just had to shake me out, shook me out twice.
  • MSTR is one stock that also has potential, crypto related, big previous momo, big base hls.
  • TSLA I’m just trading it off the 60min, had a htf on the 60min, these types of move can become runaway, just keeps going to 1500 that was my thesis, I was like okay Ill risk $10/12 to potentially make 100/200. I’ve seen so many of these runaway moves on TSLA, looks extended but just keeps grinding.
  • BKKT have a tiny starter on it, I’d rather see it go sideways for a few days.
  • ATEN yeah 3months of sideways, didn’t have like super earnings not like triple digit, but is acting really well and had a lot of volume, Had some low volume candles then suddenly the volume came in. 120kshares that’s like 1/4 of the avg daily volume in 1min candle.
  • I barely use market orders anymore, I just can’t the slippage is too much.
  • Uraniums are bouncing, my stop is gonna be lods on them now it’s do or die here. URA, CCJ, URNM.
  • IWM just keeps building hls, guys if Russell starts finally breaking out oh man, if you thought the past like week has been free money, there’s gonna be so much money lying around, all you have to do is pick it up.
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