398 [Going to be a crypto expert soon. Oct 28, 2021]

  • FUTU not a breakdown it’s just continuing it’s trend, been in a downtrend for a long time, yeah okay I see what you mean there was a bit of a flag here. Above the rising MAs is when you go up, below them you go down, that’s how it works, now if there was one way to profit from it. hm..
  • SOXL bought breakout. Stopped. Rebought.
  • MSTR bought breakout.
  • I want more ranges to build in stuff like BKKT and DWAC, I think both of these have big potential both to the up or downside, I just don’t know yet. Rn they’re rangebound could go either direction, both decent big potential upside and downside. DWAC has kinda been building hls, BKKT has been building hls. BKKT I want a solid range on the 60min. DWAC starting to break that range now.
  • LC last earnings season that was a 5*, came out of a 4/5month consolidation on high volume. Today’s ep may work but it’s just not a 5*, the chart isn’t as good, already had a run up, not saying it can’t go higher but today is maybe more of a 3* ep, volume is not as explosive and it’s not acting as well. Some of you must have bought LC [29/7/2021], been surfing the 10weekly, man this volume you see something like this and numbers like this you don’t mess around.
  • WOLF coming off a long consolidation, pretty much been going sideways for 10/11months, already traded the avg daily volume, it’s an okay one, maybe a 3/4*.
  • CCJ, I sized down on the Uranium names yday bc they closed so weak, they already closed below the 10day, I sized down 1/3 CCJ and 1/2 the etfs.
  • Start with earnings EPs, those are the easiest, those are the braindead ones, the biotech ones are very hard, especially micro and nano caps forget about them it’s a waste of time, 99% of the time they’re just pumps. The fail rate is just so high I’ve never found a consistent way of trading biotech EPs, well if the biotech sector is hot overall then you can play them, but biotechs haven’t been hot for a long time, last time they were consistently hot I would say 2013-2015. For me earnings EPs are the absolute easiest, you don’t need to think too hard, like did they have big numbers, big beat, big guidance..
  • BLDP big laggard, PLUG and BE are the leaders for the sector.
  • INMD actually setting up really well, ideally a fmd it’s gonna be a 5* setup.
  • SLAB big big breakout, many months of hls then a clean breakout. Reminds me of BILI last year [18/11/2020] was going sideways and then ep on earnings, those are the best ones EPs that break a multi month/quarter range, focus on those.
  • LCID someone said it was their biggest trade ever yday in chat, and then I said wait until it goes to 50, we’ll see. How did you get your LCID target to 50? I put my thumb in my a**hole and then I put it in the air, the first number I was thinking of was 50, that’s how I got my answer. Thumb Method. Holy sh*t LCID, I should have added on this breakout today on the weekly, look at the volume today I wasn’t paying attention. This LCID wants blood, I see people on Twitter shorting this thing for scalps like what’s the point it’s just breaking out of a big range on enormous volume, it’s day1, I hope it goes parabolic soon then I would be interested in shorting it.
  • What are the best crypto brokers? FTX and Binance okay, I’m gonna fund an account, hey guys this is the sign of a potential short term top on crypto. I don’t really care about stop loss bc I’m looking for asymmetrical r/r, I’m looking for something to go thousands of percent. I looked the the htf breakouts on DOGE earlier this year and now SHIB like f*ck, even with small size you can make so much money on these.
  • AMBA also last Q was perfect, went sideways for like 6months then it had this high volume ep [1/9/2021], up 55% since orhs.
  • EPs if it’s a really good one you can buy it even if your stop is gonna be like 1.5x atr, sometimes you have to not chase it but have a little bit of a wider stop, just bc these things can make very big moves, you can still get 20/30/50x your r/r out of the best ones, even if you use a little bit of a wider stop.
  • TSLA if it can stay above the 10/20ema on the 60min it’s gonna be in lockout rally mode.
  • SHOP they couldn’t get it below the 200day, look how perfectly it bounced off the 200day.
  • IFRX, perfect intraday flag, hls and then breakout.

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