397 [Earnings season is here! (opportunity!). Oct 27, 2021]

  • LCID has a big big breakout on the weekly and monthly, thing looks potentially powerful, had an enormous run earlier this year.
  • IINN gapping down, I was hoping this thing could hit 20 today. IINN so sad it didn’t have any follow through, really wished this thing would gap up to 20, can’t have easy money every day right.
  • ENPH bought earnings ep orhs. It traded 400kshares in the first minute, the avg volume is less than 2Mshares so it traded 25% avg daily vol in the first min. Now ENPH has traded avg daily vol, but will it have follow through that’s the q, just bc there’s an ep doesn’t mean it will have follow through it’s not that easy.
  • ENPH if you look historically at the moves it made, this thing has a history of clean moves, I remember I traded this ep here [1/5/2019] ended up going 150% in the next 3/4months. I bought this ep here [30/4/2019] 5*, look how clean the moves are, big explosive moves this thing has a history of trading well. This is a trading stock.
  • SHIB omg guys check out this breakout, doesn’t this setup look like something familiar? And look at it now, man I need to start trading more crypto. That’s the problem with crypto you have to keep moving your money around. Day trading crypto eurgh, who tf day trades crypto those things make enormous moves, that’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Imagine being a daytrader and buying SHIB here and selling here, wtf is the point really, or just go to sleep and catch a move like this.
  • I am not a fan of advocating daytrading for anyone, I wish I never found daytrading, just an epic waste of time, and yes it’s true I made my first million mostly from daytrading but if I skipped daytrading and went straight to swing trading I would have made 2M in that time. You have to understand daytrading is so much more difficult, you’re always fighting near your entry, it’s an illusion you can control your risk, the thing is your margins are so thin you have no margin of error, just a couple of mistakes can wipe out months of profits. Swing trading is not the same, it’s so much easier, you can be drunk and swing trade, it’s much more forgiving. But it depends on personality, some people are wired for daytrading, they just want the action they don’t want to make money.
  • Small and microcaps that’s where my setups work the best, that’s where you get the most explosive moves.
  • MQ that’s definitely not a traditional setup, I bought it yday after I saw Citron tweeting about it, and I also saw some others tweeting about it like two weeks ago, it’s in the right sectors in crypto payments, idk what they do, and they have these partnership with COIN and this BKKT stock that went crazy this week, and I saw it trying to break out, Citron tweeted, partnership with all the right names and it was about to break out of this trendline, I thought it was a good r/r trade that ended up going straight up. Sometimes this is where experience and intuition plays in, overriding your traditional setup when you just know the stars align, you have a hot market and you get all these magic words and partnerships.
  • CCJ reclaimed the 10day, this is an extreme sign of strength they can’t keep it down, also these URA, URNM still building hls, I think next leg higher is gonna be beautiful on these names.
  • ADR matters bc you wanna weed out the slower moving names, generally you never wanna be in a stock that is ADR or like 1-2 if you have a small account, but if you’re a position trader yes you can especially if you have a larger account, being in a stock that has 2.5%ADR is not an issue they can still make big moves if you’re willing to wait many months. But for someone with a tiny account, def less than 1M there’s no reason to ever be long a stock with ADR less than 5%, I think it’s an epic waste of time, if you can’t find anything it probably means the market is sh*t.
  • AMBA last earnings season look how perfect this was, broke this 4/5month range with huge volume, was building hls for 3/4months before the earnings and had this range breakout [1/9/2021] on enormous volume like 20x avg, and look at this follow through.
  • PERI yday I didn’t check the numbers but I guess they were good, and it had big big volume out of the gate, had been building hls for a long time, had this range, and then traded the first min 70kshares which is like 15% or so of the avg daily vol, in the first 2mins it traded 200kshareswhich was like 20% of the avg.
  • DOCU yeah was a good one too last earnings season, I thought it had too much overhead resistance didn’t have a clean range so I passed on it, I prefer clean ranges, the orhs was somewhere here in the mid 212/213 and I thought it was gonna get rejected on all these MAs but apparently it didn’t.
  • SWBI yeah that was a perfect one look at the volume [18/6/2021].
  • AEHR yeah when they guided then received this order [19/7/2021], man what a move.
  • TEAM was one too [30/7/2021] look at this clean range, broke out to new highs, had been building hls, kinda multi month consolidation and big volume day, numbers weren’t that exciting but man, and then also had this flag breakout I was contemplating buying it here but I didn’t. Now it’s not the fastest mover it’s kinda low ADR but high priced liquid stock.
  • You should try to take some profits out, and go to the store, and if they ask you if you were perfect in your trading when making those profits then you should try to be perfect, if they don’t ask any questions it’s okay to be imperfect. When I bought my yacht, no one asked me if I was perfect in my trading, in entries exits position sizing, also they never ask me what kinda setups I made that money from, also no one asks me what I think about the interest rates and the potential hyper inflation, no one asked me what UPST does no.
  • What is difficult is focussing on the right stocks, I feel that’s maybe the hardest thing, I see it all the time people ask what setups but you need to be able to weed out the random stocks, just bc a stock has a flag or some setup doesn’t mean you should trade it, there’s just too much randomness, you need to get the randomness out that’s the hardest part. You get the randomness out by studying perfect setups from the past decades.
  • BKKT, you bought it 16 okay yeah that was a good entry. You added more 37.40 premarket? I’ll check the action what you saw, esignal, why didn’t you sell those adds it hit 57, these types of moves are very rare especially on big stocks like this you gotta sell into these big moves, it went almost 50% in an hour or less, you gotta sell those adds into it.
  • BKKT coming back now, found support on the 20ema.
  • You need those home runs guys, that’s where you know, now and then you’re gonna catch something that just keeps going and going and going and you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible, don’t limit your potential guys, always trail some, randomly selling into strength is not a good strategy, it’s a loser strategy, you can make money off it but you’re never gonna make spectacular returns.
  • NMG idk the flag itself is good but I always dislike the ones in a downtrend, something like this with declining MAs idk. I prefer clean ones, these types of setups are much better [2020] when it made a big move 2/3x.
  • SLAB definite ep, already traded like twice the avg daily volume, oh it’s earnings, I mean look at this break broke out of like a 9month base, been building hls, looks great on the weekly and monthly. Boomer adr, not an ideal one but just to illustrate the concept, technically it was 5*. Already up 10% from orhs, but if you look at the history of this thing it’s not really a great trading stock, always mean reverts to the 10/20day.
  • Everyone has the same data it’s how you present it visually that’s important for me, like Koyfin this is what it looks like kinda confusing I wanna see the past Qs visually represented. Marketsmith you can’t see the forward estimates for revenue it’s so stupid.

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