396 [Easy money is back! All you gotta do is pick it up from the ground. Oct 26, 2021]

  • BKKT was just like DWAC, I did miss orhs but I did buy here [16s] and I bought it here [26s] but not any big size unfortunately, and then it hit 60 premarket, and I thought buying up here was a chase, and it was gonna more than double. I mean look how textbook these flags are, look how textbook, 5*, and then look at DWAC too had 5* flags.
  • BKKT looks like I only got partial size, getting partials been a theme since the craziness started. Well there was the orls entry, but where I entered most of my size was here in the 32s when it started building lhs after this push that’s where I entered, I should have maybe been more aggressive.
  • PHUN the crazy part is even from these levels it has 50% to go to get to the 10day. PHUN is gonna go straight to 4 now, look at the 60min breakdown on it yday, down almost 40% since.
  • DWAC every inch of my body wants to cover these but not gonna let it. DWAC too next stop is 10day 50% lower, and DWACW 60/70% lower.
  • HUDI had a parabolic yday, faded, maybe if it starts failing vwap, but it’s not really extended on the 60min that’s the thing, idk maybe if it starts breaking ranges to the downside, rn there’s nothing. You can only do mean reversion on extended stocks.
  • URA, CCJ, these things are so juicy, look how they’re surfing the 10day building hls, omg.
  • TSLA everyday I’m looking at this breakout here [24/9/2021 and wondering why I didn’t buy it, I was thinking hard about it bc I bought it here [30/8/2021] and got shaken out here [13/9/2021] so I’m like nah it’s just gonna fail again, and here we are 40% later. Gonna be a nice mean reversion in the next few sessions but gotta get extended first, 1300 or something like that. TSLA is now 20% over the 10day, back here it was 32% [Jul2020], back here it was 28% [Feb2020], back here it was 27% [Sep2020], I think a fmd could be an interesting mean reversion play.
  • TSLA look at the monthly breakout, I saw it when it broke this 710 area like holy sh*t that thing looks good had been building hls for many months. And now look at it. I’m telling you guys imagination is the biggest super power you can have in trading, if you can’t imagine something making a big move, you’re never gonna catch a big move.
  • MQ bought some breakout ipo base.
  • OCGN yeah had a nice intraday flag break, I was actually watching premarket but I missed orhs, everything happens during the first 5mins it’s so hard gotta do so many things.
  • REKR looks too random.
  • Don’t overanalyse, keep to the basics if you’re tracking more than 3 things I think you’re doing it wrong. The main problem with most traders, a lot of people overanalyse their trades they get all these fancy software, but the problem is if you can’t see the forest for the trees in your trading, analysing trees is not gonna help you, all these daytraders over analysing their trades like if you just increased your time frames boom you’re gonna triple your profitability. I don’t really analyse my trades that much.
  • I’d rather focus on my setups, my flags. EPs, flag breakouts, very simple.
  • I don’t know anyone who trades as big of an account as me, it’s kinda sad really, I mean it’s not rocket science to get to this level it really is not, I find it amazing I haven’t found anyone, it’s just a bunch of people selling subscriptions and pumping it’s so f*cking pathetic.


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