395 [You gotta be so fast. Oct 25, 2021]

  • BE looks like a potential ep some contract, breaking a range on the daily, on the weekly hitting the 50weekly and on the monthly hitting the 10monthly, if it can hold here and take out this 200day could be nice. BE has some pretty decent volume, gonna end up prob 15Mshares traded, very high volume. Now above the 200day, the 50weekly and the 10monthly, and it has a lot of volume, good news good chart. I bought it on the dip, I usually don’t do that, I missed the orhs bc there were so many other things going on but I bought it on the dip when it reclaimed vwap.
  • DWAC I’m short biased on it just need a low risk entry. Man they’re straight down, you had to be so quick on these. A few seconds of lack of reaction time cost me millions. DWAC building hls on the 60min. DWAC finally bouncing here that’s good, let’s see if we can finally get a bounce back to low 100s or something, back to vwap or above. Come on let’s get a bounce on these things now, would love to see a bounce back to lie 115s that would be epic.
  • DWACW this is really a young man’s game you have seconds to enter stuff it’s insane, intraday traders idk how they do it, so unsustainable. DWACW and DWACU were up 17000% at one point Friday.
  • MARK too just need a low risk entry. MARK I missed they restricted the shares after I borrowed ffs. Man MARK, that’s the worst thing about Wedbush, get your shares pm then they restrict.
  • PHUN big level here, funny thing PHUN is still up 600%. PHUN bouncing exactly where it should have bounced very good.
  • So many sympathy plays getting pumped rn, and now we’re getting into the tertiary plays, we had the primary play DWAC and the derivatives of it, then you had the secondary ones like PHUN and maybe BENE and CRTD, and now we’re starting to get the tertiary ones like BKKT etc, they’re just digging into the gutter to find these things.
  • GUSH bought breakout.
  • Clean energy sector, QCLN and TAN, look interesting maybe later this week or next week, TAN big big flag, been going sideways essentially almost a year. Look at the flag on the monthly.
  • KROS looks kinda good but idk the whole stock trades weird.
  • Guys focus on setups, if you wanna make it in this game you need an edge, so many people focus on random stocks just completely random.
  • HX this is the one I should have chased but I didn’t. Now down 70% from entry.
  • Having 19 positions like I have now it’s not ideal, but that’s what happens when you have a bullrun, and you continually get new setups over several weeks, you size down on some then you buy new ones and just rotate your money and then you end up with a lot of partials. When you have a multi month bull run that’s when I can end up with like 30 positions and that’s usually a short term top. We’re like 4/4 right now.
  • DVAX I love how it wicked off the 50day that’s a powerful signal, but I would prefer if it was tighter.
  • GRNQ pumped as a crypto stock last year, now they’re into satellites, alright, who am I to judge a company’s business model. What a volume, it’s a solid volume day.
  • TWLO weekly does look good yeah it’s been building hls for over a year has a nice range, if it can gap up over this range and have a high volume move, the base here looks similar to the base last year when it broke out on earnings this is what you wanna see on earnings, gap up out of the range on very high volume.


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