394 [Epic opportunities $DWAC $PHUN etc. Oct 22, 2021]

  • DWAC was a big trade but could have been bigger man, I think I made a total of 4M on it, could have been a 20M trade thing just keeps going higher. Yday I sold my shares in the high 40s, then I rebought some in ah at like 48s when it flagged, then I sold those shares mostly around 70s pm, and the stock is up another 40% since are you kidding me it’s insane. This is what I talked about yday, imagination is more important than discipline, unfortunately my imagination ended in the low 70s.
  • DWAC halted up. I’m nervous rn bc today is either gonna be a really good day or a really bad day. Yes I got filled, 60kshares DWAC and a good avg too, holy sh*t it gapped up, I got filled at 160 at the open. These are the worst type of trading halt halt halt it feels like you’re gambling bc you have so little control over your entries and exits, such a dangerous thing, but man when you have something like this you have such an asymmetrical r/r, I mean this is one of the craziest opps I’ve ever seen ngl, top 5. I have 250kshares located, willing to add but the halt halt thing needs to stop, ideal scenario it goes lower back to 120s/130s whatever, goes sideways for several hours and then has another leg lower to 80 or something. It’s opened again, feels like I should have shorted more on this opp here. Halted. I’m starter size, I just wanted the halt halt halts to stop.
  • DWAC so far playing out textbook, textbook. And now a good scenario would be if we can retest vwap, maybe overshoot it and then fail to add more, maybe get a bounce back to 140s/150s, hopefully not 160s that would get my blood pressure up. Hehe, not an ideal scenario I was really hoping it was gonna hold up for more entries, I covered 10kshares. It actually hit 170. Unfortunately my imagination ended at 70. I’m telling you guys the ones with the biggest imagination are the ones that win at this game. I should have added in the mid 130s, I always underestimate these. I covered another 10kshares, right let’s get a vwap bounce now, let’s get back to 130/140s the higher the better. Nice 50%+ retrace intraday, it was so textbook, so grateful I got those fills. I covered a little bit more DWAC, so I’m half covered now.
  • DWAC I’m actively looking for a re entry on this as its running up into vwap, hopefully it goes to 140 that would be great. DWAC got some adds but probably not enough. Okay covering some more DWAC, I’m trying not to cover too fast I really want another bounce towards vwap would be epic, this thing could go red. Alright let’s get back to 40, I’m gonna remove this hod stop here, gonna use the previous pivot. Alright can we get another vwap push like 105 that would be so good. And it’s the same thing as I said with GME, wait for the first 5min green candle and that’s your entry, this thing could easily bounce back to vwap.
  • DWAC yeah the magnitude of the run, the mere magnitude, when you have something like this up 1600% in two sessions, it’s a very rare occurrence, on double or triple digit stocks it’s ultra rare, I mean you’re just stacking the odds in your favour. You will know that if you study, you’ll understand.
  • PHUN is up as DWAC sympathy okay, are we having phun yet? PHUN halted up too. Insane momo this sector rn holy sh*t. Pissed I didn’t get a short on PHUN low/mid 19s, when I tried to short it didn’t go through and then it was halted again, the worst thing is when technical issues make you lose money. Especially when you have opps like this. PHUN finally opened, if I had gotten filled that would be an instant $2M, okay, that’s okay.
  • Just to show how crazy these moves are, PHUN you could have reshorted it here at like 12 when it took out the previous 1min candle, and you’d be up 50% on it, that’s how crazy these things are, at 12 it’s down 50% from the highs and it’s still a good short entry point, don’t underestimate these.
  • CRTD also a Trump pump. CRTD this was never halted, I could have played the breakdown on this thing instead, oh well, hard to focus on days like these. Man CRTD was the easy one bc it didn’t get halted, could have shorted as many as you wanted.
  • This is the times we are traders live for, it’s asymmetric, it’s not like a regular job where you get paid the same every day, week, month, trading most of your profits can come from just a few months per year especially swing trading, and most in a month may just come from a few days.
  • Idk how much you make in one year but I’m pretty sure I made more money today than most people make in their lifetime, that’s the beauty of trading, get your sh*t together, the sky is the limit, no one is gonna limit you, no office politics, no one is gonna stand in your way, just you, if you fail it’s bc of you.
  • HX you needed to have imagination to believe this HX was gonna go down to $10, actually went to $7 in ah. I made a big mistake not adding on these breakdowns, I should have added 5min orls, this breakdown here, I should have just kept adding on it man but I didn’t. HX this could be interesting as a mean reversion play, soon.
  • NRGU bought breakout.
  • HUDI yeah that’s a good setup, it was up like a zillion days in a row, good exhaustion setup. You wait for the momo to break, you wait for some weakness, these things can have really big mean reversions.
  • AR, RRC, CRK, SM, yeah these things are nat gas, omg if I had a small account I would have insane returns.
  • AFRM man this is one that just got away, it was so explosive I always have a hard time chasing these things but many times the ones you feel like you’re chasing they’re the ones that are gonna work out really well, happens to me all the time.
  • EDU built another hl, not going away it’s holding surfing the 10day, once it finally takes out this 2.55s could have some potential.
  • If I had to redo it I would not waste one second of my life daytrading, completely useless exercise, it’s so much easier to master trading by swing trading. And those daytraders that are really really good the big irony is they would make so much more swingtrading. Yeah technically I did daytrade DWAC who cares, I daytrade every day I get stopped out of things every single day, but it wasn’t my intention to daytrade, DWAC yday wasn’t my intention to day trade it. Just like 5 people wrote in the chat yday they bought at 14 sold at 15 that’s what the daytrader mentality gets you, and a lot of these daytrading shorts they took their max losses and blew up, it’s a waste of time guys, you’re gonna be profitable faster and when you are you can scale it up much faster than day trading, it’s just a detour. But if your personality fits it, if you’re one of these add people that wants action, you should day trade, the main thing is finding something that fits your personality, but if you wanna maximise profits and get the shortest time to profitability I really believe swingtrading is the way to go. If I had started swingtrading I would have made my first million much faster, and would be running much more money now.
  • Yeah maybe I’ll trade futures, but the problem is, trading stuff like DWAC PHUN, you’re competing against idiots or in other words unsophisticated investors, but if you get into futures it’s like being a little shark in a pool of small fish but if I started trading futures I would be a little shark in a pool with bigger sharks that’s the problem, you need a competitive edge, and that competitive edge is gonna be much much smaller if I start trading stuff like futures.
  • No you shouldn’t avoid momo trades like GME and DWAC especially the long side, that’s where the big money is, but there needs to be a setup. If you’re not comfortable trading something it means you haven’t studied those types of setups. Once you study momo stocks and understand how big of an edge you can get, like literally I’ve seen momo traders on my feed that avoid momo stocks it’s like the dumbest thing ever.
  • GLD does look great on the monthly look at this flag hls for like 2years getting tighter, this is freaking really good, if it breaks out could make a multi year move like it has previously, look so clean look how nicely it surfs the 10monthly, it’s the same thing as on the daily and weekly on the monthly, there’s so many ways, like if I would run $1B I would look at stuff like weekly and monthly charts to try to find trades.
  • Imagine wicking GLD, that’s gonna be on my to do list.
  • It’s amazing how many Qs can be answered if you simply put in some effort find it out yourself, you’ll never build trading confidence if you don’t find out these things by yourself. Self leadership, that’s what Pradeep talks about.


  • You’re using Schwab and Fidelity, I’m sorry are you 50+? That’s a boomer move, do you have to call your orders in at those brokers or how does it work?

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