393 [So much opportunity! Hard to get filled. Oct 21, 2021]

  • DWAC bought orhs. Stopped out. No DWAC it shook me out and now it’s going, I just got f*cked by Trump media. I’m so pissed it just had to have this shakeout, I have fewer shares than I had, I had to chase them much higher, now I’m hoping for a pullback. Man this DWAC has some volume holy sh*t, this is gonna end up 2/300M volume by eod. So pissed about that shakeout I had 300kshares, and now I have 200kshares at a higher avg. My plan with DWAC? Infinity and beyond. Why would I trade DWAC? Bc I think this thing has enormous potential and the volume so far is confirming it, you could see right out of the gate it had absolutely enormous volume. Yeah it’s an ep type of play could be a cult stock, sketchiest company every but whatever doesn’t matter, the sketchiest stocks make the biggest moves, at least in the short term, never long term but in the short term the sketchier the better. I’m still waiting for a pullback haha. My god the volume is insane, I’m sitting half size on a chase entry, but actually that chase entry looks pretty good now. I’m gonna take DWAC off not gonna look at it, it’s gone, never gonna get my fills for full size, it’s okay.
  • DWAC I found it premarket I read the news about it, that’s how it got on my radar, then I saw the vol out of the gate that’s what got me interested. Versus something like WE just no volume, DWAC had enormous volume right out of the gate, boom 4Mshares in your face, that’s what a good ep does it shows the volume, tells you what it wants to do, your job is to listen. And yeah it had really high premarket vol also. Reminds me of LCID [10/1/2021] enormous volume went up 40% on the first day then just kept going, this thing was absolutely insane.
  • HX short orls. Unfortunately I have less than 1/4 size on it, didn’t get filled where I wanted, I guess I should have chased it a little bit. I thought it was gonna be much more liquid, was quite liquid yday especially after midday that’s when the liquidity really picked up. But was kinda thin at the open. Kicking myself a little it was a big run up, I should have chased it down, no bounce in sight. I have to take HX off my screen I can’t look at it, just keeps going lower, I wanted that 20 bounce but I guess not gonna happen. Can HX bounce finally, can we get r/g, get back to 20 come on. I think there’s gonna be at least a bounce to vwap, and if it can overshoot vwap and go r/g that would be awesome, I think this thing goes way lower. My avg is 20, I wanted 200kshares I only got filled 50kshares. I said it before, it’s so hard to get full size on the winners, and then you get full size on something and it doesn’t work out, happens all the time. Sometimes you have to know when to chase, the problem is when all these things happen at the same time near the open it’s kinda hard to focus, and it’s kinda hard to chase a candle like this 15% candle, but that was the right thing to do, was trading in the low 22s then suddenly it was in the low 19s, was so fast like 5seconds.
  • BTBT you could see the rw, it got rejected at the 200day just couldn’t go, I sold it for a small profit. ANY same thing I just sold it bc I saw the rw. MSTR was a miss though it looked rw but then it picked up steam and hit new highs so that was a misjudgement. BTBT and ANY breaking down now, they couldn’t go when the coins were strong they were lagging, and now the coins are pulling back these things are just totally dying, vs something strong like MARA is still holding above the 10day, still building hls.
  • URA etfs really flagging nicely on the 60min, they look powerful, ideally a fmd then get another 20/30% push out of them.
  • PLUG looked really good on the 60min, look how nicely it surfed the 20ema really beautiful, unfortunate it didn’t work out from the ep I had some good size on it.
  • I know my sell rules by heart, I don’t always follow my sell rules and sometimes it hurts me and sometimes it works in my favour, it’s kinda 50/50, the moral of the story is I haven’t been able to outsmart my own sell rules. And I keep making the same mistakes, I always complain about selling too early bc I think things look too extended, I sold MRNA in the 330/340s, went up almost another 50% in the next few weeks. UPST another one I sold it 285s or so I thought it looked too extended, went up another 43% in the next month, idk why I keep doing that. I’m telling you guys, imagination is the greatest super power you can have in the stock market, forget about discipline, discipline is for losers, it’s imagination, you need to be able to imagine a stock making an enormous move, you have to believe it.
  • Coins are pulling back, I really want this COIN to pullback to the 10/20day build a base, this was very explosive, you always wanna keep tracking the stocks that make explosive moves over a few weeks/months, bc if they set up right they can make another explosive move, vs something that’s very sluggish, you want the flagpole to be explosive.
  • ETHE since my entry was yday the stop is gonna be lows of that day, but I’m prob gonna get out earlier if it closes weak bc it’s been a laggard the whole move and I don’t like holding laggards. Sometimes laggards can catch up and make big moves, but when the main asset in this case ETH stalls you don’t wanna be holding a laggard, like we saw with ANY and BTBT once BTC stalled these things totally broke down.
  • SQ [18/10/2021] on the weekly that’s actually a good entry, building hls for a long time, now an explosive name but def looks like it wants to go to 400 eventually, on the daily it’s all over the place.
  • UCO breaking the 10day after a long run since mid Aug, man that was a big move, why didn’t I buy that bounce off the 200day, oh well.
  • SGMA looks okay I guess, depends what the news were here, always helps if you have something fundamentally driving it, now this SGMA actually had some pretty explosive earnings holy sh*t, yeah could have some nice follow through, building hls.


  • Networking with other traders can be nice if you wanna make friends, but for making money it’s a completely useless exercise.
  • It was Peter Lynch that said that; pull the weeds and water the flowers, what most people do is they water the weeds and pull the flowers.

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