392 [Autopilot mode. Oct 20, 2021]

  • BTCM I guess looks fine but it’s a laggard, MARA is the leader in BTC mining that’s the leading stock. MARA setup variation yeah it was a little bit sloppy but it was the right sector and I saw the cryptos heating up, but it had a range break here [5/10/2021] was a kinda sloppy flag. I also bought GBTC the same day [4/10/2021].
  • SI did exactly what it was supposed, bounced off the rising 20day, look at the hls on the 60min, it was showing strength as it was down on the day, this is what I talk about all the time a stock can be down on the day and still be showing strength or positive price action.
  • HX, oh man this thing, could be interesting for a short tomos if it goes crazy today. I remember people asking if this was a good short in the 4s and I was like no wait for it to go parabolic, then someone asked me about it yday, no wait for parabolic, and here we are. Yeah this is day 4 of the 2nd/3rd leg higher, was too thin for me, but yeah it was a parabolic.
  • NFLX you guys remember when it broke out here [20/8/2021] I guess I should have bought it, eh looks like a huge move but it’s actually only up 20% bc it’s a low ADR stock. This is what I saw on the weekly, now it’s way higher.
  • IWM you’ll be dead before the breakout yeah, guys this is what it’s gonna look like, still gonna be in this range by late next year, 20 false breakouts and breakdowns later. UPST goes up.. and IWM goes sideways.
  • Who influenced my swing trading the most? It’s Pradeep, and Zanger, those two, and second place would be maybe O’Neil and MM, MM’s books not his paid service or twitter but his books.
  • You don’t need to know in detail what a company does, but you do need to know what sector it is in, roughly like for eg idk what PLUG, BLDP, FCEL and BE do, but I do know they’re in fuel cells which is like alternative energy. I think it’s very important to know the sector but you don’t need to go and read up on the balance sheets and ceo comments and stuff like that, all that matters for trading purposes is momo and liquidity, and the theme, if a few in the sector start running the others will follow.
  • But you do need to keep track of earnings dates, and if it’s a biotech smaller microcap or midtech biotech you need to know when data is due and if they have any data due, that is something you have to, you need to stay out of the binary events.
  • NTR yeah it was POT and AGU that merged, these things were big runners 2006-2008, CF made almost 1000%, MOS made 1000% move.
  • OLPX yday was the entry.
  • This is the best part with swingtrading, when you catch these 2/3x per year when the market is really good, all you have to do is just sit and not do much, everything just keeps grinding up daily, that was Nov-Feb and also most of last year everything just went up. But you have to wait for the good times, you can’t build a portfolio when the indices are weak or in a downtrend.
  • SESN, had a nice little breakout through orhs, sometimes these things work really well, could go back to 2.50.
  • RSI yeah looks like a decent setup, clearly see how nicely it’s surfing the 20day building hls, got tighter and now it’s breaking out of a range.
  • COIN I’m trying to figure out where I should have entered, this feels like a big miss here. I’m thinking this day should have been the entry [14/10/2021] perked up from the lows before the market, showed rs to the overall indices, built a flag and then when the markets had a follow through day that’s when it broke out.
  • HUT [1/10/2021] yeah that’s a 5* setup, and this one here was 5* too [27/8/2021] look at this htf, beautiful.
  • You can’t rank stocks with ATR, you can’t compare stocks, but ATR can be good for stops, many people use like 2x ATR or 1.5x, I just use lods but you can use ATR too.


  • I bought a yacht in Italy, it’s in production rn, I went with shark grey. This is gonna be my third boat. It’s a high ADR boat. No it does not have a helipad, maybe next one, maybe next one.
  • Just liking all my tweets, stop it, now there’s other people joining come on.
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