391 [Easy money is back? Oct 19, 2021]

  • AVIR nice gap down, like 70%, also the things with these biotechs guys there are sites that track when data is to be released on these small bios, so if there is data due to be released during October, you’re not gonna be long during October or you’re begging for it. AVIR up 50% since the open, yeah orhs was the entry I guess, this is also a setup I used to play earlier days, sometimes these big gap downs they can rally, but most of the time they don’t, this is one of the few that did up 45% since orhs not bad.
  • NET not a parabolic but up like a lot of days in a row, could be a mean reversion setup.
  • SI finding support right on the rising 20day, a sign of strength.
  • Bitcoin related things showing rw, MSTR is down but BTC up, MARA down, HUT too, if these things keep lagging I’m gonna get out of them, bc if BTC actually starts downticking these things are gonna get crushed. Makes sense if they’re selling these things and buying the BITO etf.
  • MNDY yeah this looks great, very explosive, recent ipo, this thing just doubled, now it’s surfing the 50day.
  • DIDI yeah it’s a recent ipo, based been building hls, got slammed with the China regulatory thing that’s been going on the past few months but China has been running since like 2 weeks ago, they’re waking up other China names, maybe DIDI wakes up too.
  • ADR is something I learnt from a guy named Muddy back in 2011/2012, that I implemented into my own scans bc it resonated. Very easy way to scan for stocks, stocks that make big moves they will have high ADR by definition.
  • There’s thousands of stocks, getting emotionally attached to one stock will come at a big opportunity cost.
  • You can trade from the phone nowadays, it would be easier if you can be near the computer at the open like first 30mins or so, but I’m not at a computer either I use my phone a lot, I have this foldable phone, I use teamviewer a lot of times. And also most of the action is gonna be at the open anyways, you can just trade the open from your comp and be on your phone the rest of the day.
  • SNAP big washout yday but a good sign is look at the wick it made, flushed built a hl then closed inside of this range.


  • This may be difficult for some people but, a boomer is probably outperforming you this year.
  • Obsidian wtf is this rocket science.
  • Kenny boy net worth omg guys do you see this?
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