390 [Market back to autopilot mode? Oct 18, 2021]

  • SNAP they report in a few days, I really hope this thing can run before earnings so I have some profit padding, and maybe even add on earnings, this thing is really setting up. Ideally it runs up into mid 80s, I would hold it into earnings report and sit there ah and if it looks weak I’d sell as quickly as possible, but if it closes like this I probably wouldn’t want to gamble, it would easily gap down 20% like nothing before there’s any bids to sell into.
  • TNA gapping down, this thing showed big big rw Friday, I sold it b/e was like no way I’m gonna hold it over the weekend, great decision. Just sold off the whole day while QQQs and SPYs went higher, I just don’t want to hold weak stuff, I’m allergic to weak things, weak things are for losers.
  • TSLA damn it, I had it here [31/8/2021] then I got shaken out this day here [13/9/2021] oh well.
  • There’s not much to do, everyone should already have a full portfolio of things a lot broke out last week and the week before, now a lot of things are starting to look extended and not many new setups. I’m just gonna ride my positions, trim some maybe, sit and wait and enjoy the gains, that’s what it’s all about no need to trade, money is not in the trading the money is in the sitting.
  • This is what trading should be about, just sit and wait and don’t do much, you shouldn’t be working for your money, should just happen, this is what swing trading is all about, you get good entries and then you just wait. I think there’s a Soros quote that in this business you shouldn’t do something every day bc when that special day comes around you won’t recognise the opportunity.
  • HUT broke out Friday, I was thinking about buying it 11.30s. BTBT another one that looks pretty decent, but it’s a laggard that’s the problem.
  • FANG it looks like a very short flag, these types of really short flags on lcap stocks I’m very skeptical, would be better if the 20day caught up, it’s already up 50% in the past 3weeks that’s an enormous move for a lcap.
  • A lot of things going, a lot of things on my scans, different sectors, and I’m looking at the things that broke out last week and the week before and I missed a lot of things but that’s always the case when the times are good. You want a lot of things to break out, you want to feel like you’re missing out, that’s a sign of a good market.
  • BROS recent ipo had a nice breakout last week [11/10/2021].
  • QCLN another one of these clean energy etfs waking up, this flag, I would have preferred a little bit more sideways.
  • I do size down a little bit like 5/10% if I get a big move, especially if I have a lot of positions and I’m on margin, it makes sense to scale out big moves a little bit at a time, bc it’s very stressful if you have a portfolio on margin and you have a pullback day and you haven’t sized down anything it’s very stressful, it’s always about being in a position of strength mentally. But if you’re not on margin don’t randomly sell into strength just bc a stock is up a few days doesn’t make any sense just follow the sell rules, but if you are on margin it’s a little bit of a different playbook, since it’s a double edged sword you always have to play around and make sure you’re in a position of strength, bc margin can be your friend but it can also be your worst enemy. And your job is to put margin on a leash so it doesn’t put you on a leash.


  • Minervini mental state? UPST I wonder what this company does.. Guys do you know what this company does? I have no idea. I’m breaking up? But it’s kinda hard to go on CNBC and tell them you can make 10s even 100s of millions without knowing anything about the companies you’re trading, they’re gonna laugh you out of the room. He should have said; they go from 150 to 400, that’s what they do, and that’s why I’m long.
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