389 [Small caps end of year run? $IWM $TNA. Oct 14, 2021]

  • CELH, look at the breakout from this htf, it’s not a 3/4x, damn if I had more patience. But you’d had to endure a 40% drawdown though that’s a lot. I think it looks pretty decent, surfing the 20day getting tighter building hls.
  • IWM finally breaking to the upside, bought TNA orhs. Looks like a gap and crap so far. I really really want TNA to work I have 330kshares, come on go to 120. If you look at IWM this is a rocket launch site.
  • EDU I thought it could get a bit of a pump on but it’s too big of a mcap, it’s not a low floater, but we’ll see, I thought could be a double it’s a good r/r but yeah it’s prob a dead stock, just bc it’s down doesn’t mean it has to bounce but sometimes they can bounce that’s the thing, sometimes they can make big moves.
  • PLUG no follow through on that one, hit the 50weekly and crapped, actually hit the 200day premarket.
  • AMR it’s already very extended, a base on a base on a base on a base, very prone to failure up here.
  • XENE yeah this is the first breakout.
  • RENN a bit too late to buy it now but, prob not gonna have a big move I think this is way too short of a base, but it was super tight, your r/r was incredible.
  • The marketsmith indicator of institutional ownership, it’s a lagging indicator, totally useless indicator that gets updated once per quarter. Look it’s very simple, if a stock price, excluding these micro/nano caps with no institutional ownership, but let’s take a stock like AMD, if it goes from 80 to 120 I bet there will be an increase in the amount of funds in it, so how would it help you if you find out 3months later the institutional ownership went up?
  • The RS line though I think can be very useful, you don’t need it bc you can see yourself which stocks are the strongest, but if you can figure it out by yourself I think the RS guide in marketsmith is a really good guide.
  • SNAP I’m really excited about, looks super powerful on the weekly, if it breaks out I think it’s next move is gonna be to 100, look how relentlessly it’s building hls, base on a base, and now it’s been going sideways for 3months since the last earnings report, actually since like late feb2021 it’s pretty much sideways only up like 5%. Earnings next week.
  • I’m getting more and more bullish into year end, first I thought the indices were gonna have a pullback but they didn’t, that shows there’s buying pressure, and I’m seeing a lot of speculative things starting to come back, ARKK this is like the risk on indicator, tried to break down built another hl on the weekly and now it’s coming back into this range. There are more and more positive signs setting up.
  • GROM yeah it’s setting up, needs to build another hl here.
  • This is a good thing there’s a lot of breakouts, that’s what you want to see, you don’t want to buy a breakout when there’s only one or two things breaking out, you want to see a lot of breakouts and that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing yday and today, that’s a good sign. You want to feel like you’re missing out on things.
  • PALT this is a 5* man, I mean it looks great, and it’s hanging out above the 10day that’s a good one, bc most of the time these things that 2/3/4x in a few days they pull back and if they pullback below the 10day and they’re usually toast, but the fact that it’s holding and surfing the 10day that’s a really good sign. Looks like LEDS did back in May2021 went up almost 300% in a few weeks.
  • EVC the setup itself is pretty decent it’s a nice flag but slow moving stock, looks good but it’s surfing the 50day, if you have a sub 10M account don’t look at these stocks there’s no need to, there’s so many faster moving names, don’t waste your time. Focus is the key to success, not being around mediocre stuff, focus, focus on the best ones.
  • SURF yeah wow it looks good.
  • AXSM yeah had a great setup here [11/10/2021] had a big move, orderly pull back, was really nice tight tight tight surfed the 20day, then range expansion.
  • DATS I should have done this one damn, I was hoping for one more day, would have been perfect if it had one more day then reversal day. It’s now down 41% from the orls in two sessions not bad.
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