388 [Growth stocks strong again. Oct 13, 2021]

  • AMD bought breakout. Look at this AMD breakout looks good.
  • PLUG yeah it broke down initially then I bought it afterwards, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention initially, then I saw the volume on the 60min and this may be a potential ep, it’s just breaking this range, it’s pretty much been going sideways for ten months, all of these alternative energy plays been picking up lately, and it’s a big former runner, so thought the odds were with me.
  • SLV looks so bad.
  • GLD doesn’t actually look that bad on the monthly is flagging.
  • SI I was looking at it down here [29/9/2021] in the 110s but I didn’t pull the trigger, bc I was too early on it a few times.
  • TAN on the month oh man, I think once it starts breaking this high80s/low90s it’s gonna go to 150+, gonna take many months but it is gonna make a big move. I think we’re gonna get setups in a few weeks, just like with the Uranium complex. Some guys in chat were super excited about the Uranium stocks near the highs and I said hey wait a few weeks/month and let them setup, and yday we got the setup.
  • FNGU etf this thing looks like a big big flag.
  • CAR yeah it was a type of mean reversion setup absolutely, when you have these types of moves a lot of up days in a row, there’s gonna be a red day sooner or later, it’s definitely not a parabolic but it’s a mean reversion setup, I used to trade these types all the time. Those are really good day trades/very short term swing trades.
  • NET had a 100day bounce [5/10/2021] I didn’t pull the trigger, this one got away from me, it’s been a beast.
  • DATS damn I was looking for a mean reversion play on it but decided to pass, but here’s the play orls was the entry, stop hod, first target would be this base on the 60min in the mid 13s.
  • SNAP is one setup I’m really excited about, this thing looks so powerful on the weekly.
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