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  • 10/20, 10/20, whatever you use, the daily, weekly, monthly or the decade one like buffet does, doesn’t matter.
  • RIVN nice, guys this is why you keep track of in play names, same patterns on every time frame, but they only work on stocks that have a reason to go anywhere, this could have well been a daily chart or a weekly chart, this is called supply and demand, and if you understand these things you’ll outperform 99% of the boomerberg people who don’t understand supply and demand, they are into trying to find hidden value on some obscene company no one else find value in, our job is to be in the stocks that other people or funds want.
  • RIVN damn I think would have been a nice short, oh well. RIVN holding up, actually flagging, interesting.
  • SNDL failing at the 200day, this is what I’m talking about these EPs should gap over the MAs, it’s not good when they open up below, better when they open above have clean air.
  • BGFV I’m not sure where the exact entry would have been but yeah had a clean breakout on the weekly, and I know it’s one of these highly shorted stocks, I guess that’s why it’s going.
  • MRAM yeah traded 2/3rds of it’s float already, and look at this multi year range it’s breaking. Let’s see so they’ve had losses for many years but the past 2 Qs have been profitable, they kinda have accelerated rev and eps, big beat on eps and rev. So everything, they beat eps rev, accelerated eps rev, it’s a turnaround of some kind they had losses for 3/4years and now expecting a profit this year/next and it’s gapping up above this big range, and right out of the gate, traded 200kshares on the first 1min candle and 4/500kshares by the time it took out orhs, that’s like 4/5x avg daily volume. This is so textbook can’t get any more textbook. And it’s a microcap, if you have tiny account these are great can make a big move, and it was already up 24% in an hour.
  • I’ve been promised a market crash probably 4 times per year since I started trading in 2011 and we’ve only had like one during that time, that’s one for 40, and there’s always a new reason, it’s this it’s that then there’s something else blah blah, and they’re always wrong, but you know what’s always correct? Price action.
  • BTC rallied to aths now it’s falling back into range, I think it needs to retest the 50day or the 10 weekly, maybe try to break out again in a few weeks or something.
  • FAS if it closes below this 140 I’m gonna get rid of it, been in it for like a month and hasn’t made a big move. It’s all about getting rid of the weeds and keeping the flowers.
  • DWAC, PHUN, are we gonna have Friday squeeze on these things? Look at the tightness yday on DWAC, if it’s gonna do a GME? Remember when it had fallen got super tight then it went up 500% in 3weeks. Prob not gonna go up 500% but could go up 50% maybe, or it’s just gonna stall out, we’ll see how it holds dips, if it holds the pullbacks maybe I’ll add more. Volume so far could be higher. I would still like more volume, real sustained buying to come in not just some chatroom. I want to see more volume but most importantly of all I want to see this dip hold, we need sustained buyers, strong hands not weak hands. Ideal scenario if it builds some hls on DWAC and PHUN for the next couple of hours then starts breaking out intraday highs like an hour or two into the close, make a big move into close.


  • Even if it’s Kenny boy, I would kiss him on the mouth, if he’s like hey I’m gonna turn my buy algo on, kiss me on the mouth or I won’t do it. I would do it, no tongue though, no tongue, or maybe a little bit, maybe a little bit but only if I can size up my position first. No it’s not a gay thing, it’s a business transaction.
  • I prefer KK, either KK or Q.
  • If your grandma knows it, it’s probably not gonna affect the markets.

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