384 [Major indices looking very vulnerable. Sep 30, 2021]

  • I don’t dabble in anything, if I do something it’s supposed to make me money.
  • URA etfs not acting too well rn, I was hoping for hls but looks like they wanna take another leg lower.
  • CEI damn that’s a quick candle. CEI yesterday was too fast, had a 40% intraday correction but was just too quick man, and then it got halted. Something like CEI yday, when you get these parabolic type of moves, you want to wait for the first sign of weakness, you want to wait for some type of lhs, or first red 5min candle when trading these things intraday. But this one was super quick, it had a red one min candle halted, another candle, you had just seconds to get in, that’s not really what I’m looking for, idk if it had any news or anything.
  • NIO it’s a bearflag, just looks ugly, and if you have continued market weakness this thing could go down more.
  • CF, and MOS, I try to do etfs rather than individual names, I know they’re not o&g but they look exactly the same.
  • ARKK damn why didn’t I short this, I was watching it here high 114s.
  • RIDE had a very nice setup here [23/9/2021] very beautiful setup here when it broke out, hls, tightening range, had a previous trend where it went up 60% found support started building hls and surfing the 10/20day.
  • GSM looks good, not for today but maybe for tomos.
  • SPYs do look a bit vulnerable on the weekly, if we start losing these recent lows, QQQs too if we lose yday lows could get interesting, and that would be a dream scenario another 10/15% on the major indices.
  • I never have full size on the things that work out really well, you know why, bc when you try to buy them they just go up up up and you don’t wanna chase, you wait for a dip to get full size and the dip never comes, that’s why I’m never full size on the things that go crazy.
  • FIZZ I guess the setup is decent but the market, the market..
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