385 [Give us Black Monday. Oct 1, 2021]

  • SI if you look at the weekly this thing had a nice breakout a couple of days ago.
  • GBTC bought orhs.
  • MRK actually breaking out of a long long range, super low adr though. Bought some pullback.
  • GLBE looks incredibly good, the setup itself this thing is 5*, looks incredible, but the market.
  • Most things look like sh*t, you wanna buy breakouts when there’s a lot of setups, when there is only one or two good looking things it’s a market that’s very prone to failure, the best time is when there’s a lot of things breaking out.
  • Of course I do scans, if I didn’t do scans how would I know what’s going on? Of course I do scans and set alerts, gotta stay on top of things man, doesn’t matter that the market conditions are bad for breakouts, you gotta stay on top of things.
  • BNTX I guess I should have stayed short.
  • PALT idk what the news are, just a pump.
  • CEI idk if I wanna hold over the weekend, I prob will bc the borrow was pretty cheap, you know what I’ll cover up 1/4. CEI setup, sure it went parabolic, I waited for the momo to shift which it did two days ago, then yday it gapped up and I shorted some orls, and now it’s lower, my price target is 2.50.
  • METC had a great setup here [2/9/2021] after this there was no setup.
  • This is not a market to fanatically trade unless you’re a day trader, for us swing traders who wanna make big money, unless you’re already short triple etfs like me, there’s just not much to do here, very dangerous market.
  • MRVI I would never short something like this, too dangerous, biotech company, they announce some news and it’s up 50%.
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