382 [Expecting chop ahead. Sep 21, 2021]

  • QQQs we just ran into the sideways 50day, I’m expecting chop chop chop over the next few weeks. We’re rallying now but prob gonna just rally into these declining MAs, and then what.
  • There’s no edge in this market for a swing trader rn, unless you’re shorting like triple etfs with a little bit of a longer time horizon, but don’t churn your accounts don’t look for breakouts rn, this is not a breakout market rn, all the major indices the 10/20day sloping lower, 10day below, you know the rules.
  • BNTX, and MRNA holding up really really well, both look like they want to go higher.
  • ZS I remember buying the ep here [26/5/2021] then I got stopped out a few day later.
  • QS a potential ep, coming out of a long base, former momo stock, had some good news, I thought it was a good r/r, I’m looking at what happened with LCID for eg, on the other hand FCEL similar failed. But yeah def an ep look at the volume already above avg 30mins in, prob gonna end up 30/40M volume today.
  • Who the f*ck needs 4 monitors to trade, I have a 13″ laptop I trade off 95% of the time, the other 5% is when I stream, if I wasn’t streaming I’d prob get rid of all my monitors, you don’t need anything else than a 13″ laptop.
  • If you’re gonna short parabolics, MAKE SURE IT’S A F*CKING PARABOLIC, or you’re gonna blow up. This is why I don’t recommend most people short parabolics, there are very few true parabolics.


  • Guys which colour yacht do you like best? I’m gonna go to the Riva factory in Italy. Well, it costs about the same amount I made on my MRNA short a couple of months ago.
  • Hedge fund name generator.
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