381 [Some red in premarket. What happens next? Sep 20, 2021]

  • Bit annoyed I got stopped out out TQQQ an SPXL on Thur, but I reshorted SPXL Friday.
  • This is what extremely low breadth leads to, the market cannot go up forever on extremely low breadth, it gets narrower and narrower something needs to happen, either a breadth thrust where some other stocks have to go up, or you get something like this, a correction.
  • SPYs just sitting right on the 20weekly.
  • IWM shorting rw compared to the others. Short some TNA orls. IWM has been weaker for many many months.
  • NET is kinda gapping below my stop, thankfully it’s not a big position just half size. Stop now lods.
  • UPST there’s no short setup, it’s not even extended, this is the strongest stock in the market guys, short the weak stuff.
  • NIO, if you wanna short individual stocks short something like this, breaking down from a bear flag, building lhs forever, breaking this range to the downside.
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