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  • AMAT finally broke out of a long range yday.
  • AMD found support on the rising 50day, little bit of a range here, ideally it goes sideways a fmd with some hls tightens up.
  • MARA actually has momo, is actually in a flag, here you actually have some kind of an edge.
  • To make tens or even hundreds of millions you don’t need any fundamentals, if you can figure out where the money is flowing you don’t need to know fundamentals, fundamentals are just to give yourself a little bit more conviction. If you’re good at stock selection and figure out where the money is flowing, or you can know a bunch of fundamentals and be a complete useless pos and totally unable to extract money from the markets, I would say I’m a little bit in between.
  • BNTX looked too random, it wasn’t tight, that’s the problem, though on the other hand it wasn’t tight here either [14/7/2021].
  • APPS I think it was a better setup yesterday was the breakout day, today is just continuation.
  • Only thing I buy premarket are EPs, and I rarely buy stuff premarket very rarely, has to be something very liquid, premarket is for gamblers and people with tiny accounts, I prefer orhs for entry.
  • IWM if this thing breaks out could make a big move into year end, this thing is one hell of a flag, or a potential top, I have no idea which one it is, good thing I don’t need to know, just follow the price action.
  • The avg stock in the COMPQ is down 35% from 52 week highs, but the index itself looks like this, that’s pretty interesting. The SPX 40% of stocks are down 10% or more from 52 week highs but the index looks like this, pretty interesting, Indexes don’t tell you the whole story.
  • SOXL I sold at the lows, idiot, That’s what happen when you anticipate the move, didn’t really have a specific setup I just wanted to buy it when it was still inside the range.
  • If you’re losing money it’s bc of you not bc of anyone else, if I get angry I get angry at myself, not some made up fairytale about someone manipulating the markets.
  • FLGT, DDD these are just random stocks going sideways for a long time, where’s the momo, where’s the setup? These don’t look remotely like any of my setups, these types of things need an ep to get going.


  • My course is gonna be 9999 but if you dm david and tell him to f off, it’s for free. Btw everything is available for free, everything all these guys teach, it’s all available for free, they’re not doing anything unique, I’m not going anything unique I’m just using principals that have been working for hundreds of years, I buy breakouts, I sometimes buy and short exhaustion, and I buy breakaway gaps, that’s it.
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