379 [Boring! Sep 15, 2021]

  • GSKY you guys were shaken out? Wow that’s some bad luck, if this candle didn’t happen yday would have been a homerun trade, that sucks, welcome to trading, having fun yet?
  • IRNT what’s the story, gamma squeeze play?
  • Been getting stopped out of my long positions the past couple of weeks, and have increased my short exposure, now I’m probably 50% short.
  • ATER kicking myself I had 200kshares located and I was ready to pull the trigger but I didn’t.
  • SPYs if we break the 50day this time around may not stop at the 100/150day may not stop until the 200day.
  • BOIL now up more than 100% from where I initially bought it, okay, this is what I thought was gonna happen quicker but I didn’t think it was gonna close below the 20day. You can even see on the 60min where I bought it here when it took out intraday highs.
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