378 [Spot on the 1 min chart where I bought and sold $BNKU lol. Sep 14, 2021]

  • IWM is one of the most insane flags I’ve ever seen, question is will it resolve to the upside or downside. SPYs look vulnerable, but IWM holding its range v well, maybe we can get small cap outperformance.
  • SPY has had incredible momo for a long time, it’s not about can it gain momo it’s all about can it lose the momo, for now it’s still holding.
  • Nothing interesting other than financials rn. FAS bought orhs.
  • BNKU can you spot on the 1min where I bought and sold? That was a quick 600k in the trash can.
  • If you find a good setup in a sector, you trade the ones with the highest ADRs, including etfs. If you want explosive returns, you need to play explosive stocks.
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