376 [Some EPs. Aug 24, 2021]

  • PANW may be an ep, breaking out of a 6month base here.
  • IWM held the 200day but now it’s running up into the declining 50day, unless it can get over this 225 area I consider it chop.
  • JD, PDD, these downtrending stocks have a lot of overhead, I want stocks that break out of ranges.
  • Coin related stocks showing a lot of rw today, but BTC ETH are very strong, which means as soon as the cryptos stop rallying these things are gonna dump.
  • Lot of nice breakouts in the software space yday, CRWD bounced off 100day building hls then this rangebreak, TTD off the 50day, SQ out of this little flag, SNAP in this long flag, PLTR in this big flag, a lot of momo stocks pretty much going sideways the past 6months, building hls and getting tighter. But unless IWM can break out I don’t think a lot of them are gonna make big moves, just try to break out and pull back into bases.
  • MDB another one sideways for 8/9months, had this flag, beautiful breakout yday.
  • TSLA building hls for a long time, big flag on the weekly, ADR has fallen off a cliff. Gonna be interesting, hls since early Mar2021, getting tighter and tighter, could make a move if it starts breaking out of this 730 area.
  • RBLX I was thinking about an entry yday before the close but I’d have preferred a little bit more tightness.
  • DOCU had an insane ep, went up 42% in like 1.5months, that’s the dream.
  • LC another one, in the smaller space there’s always plenty, that’s why you guys have it so much easier, you can always catch a bunch every earnings season in the small/micro cap space.
  • DOCS another one, recent IPO, ipo flag, then this ep, I was looking at it but way too thin.
  • I go away for a couple of months and everyone blows up? Swing trading got harder, but not really, if you’re shorter term like if you take profits after 3-5days then trail the rest, you should be up. I’ve been going sideways since mid march, kinda up down in a range, I haven’t been able to find a lot of big ones, I’ve had a couple but my win rate has been lower, bc I’m always going for these home runs, scalping is just the most uninteresting thing in the world to me, I want big moves on big size.
  • M also had a big ep [19/8/2021] had enormous volume, I was looking at but I saw it too late, volume was absolutely massive.
  • NVDA one of the best stocks past few months, broke out of this weekly and straight up since. Then it had another earnings breakout last week [19/8/2021] undercut the 50day reclaimed and straight up since.
  • AMD also another good ep [28/7/2021] up 30% in a week, not bad for a megacap stock.


  • Fake Qullamaggie scammer. And he couldn’t even do a capital on my name, I should sue this guy, you always spell my name with capital Ks.
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