370 [Lots of setups but NASDAQ getting into extended territory. Jun 29, 2021]

  • AMC is the leader, and it’s about to break out of this wedge now, I call it triangle but the fancy word is wedge I guess. Let’s go AMC let’s see if this thing can go to 65 today. Needs to take out low 61 area. Kenny boy’s ambush successful for now.
  • MRNA building a htf here looks amazing. Oh sh*t it’s already gone that was too fast, I should have added. What a beast.
  • PLUG I sold 2 days ago, that’s what happens when you don’t follow your own sell rules, I was just too impatient.
  • ABNB it’s a 3.4%ADR, don’t waste your time. If you want to waste your time you can look at stocks below 5ADR but please don’t post in the chat, let’s focus on making money, the best way to make money is to focus on fast moving stocks.
  • MRIN orls was it, and now vwap failed another entry here, could have waited for the break of the first 5min candle, so many entries on these things. Hopefully it goes to like 20 or something that would be great.
  • CERE had an ep too, orhs 27s entry. Recent biotech.
  • XELA yeah it’s a kind of ep, idk what the news are, these kind of stocks have worked really well, super high volume micro/small caps.
  • DDD today is day 5 right so if you haven’t sold 1/3 to 1/2 you should prob by eod, then you trail with the 10day and move your stop to b/e, this thing could go to 60.
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