369 [$AMC the 20-day vs Kenny boy! Jun 28, 2021]

  • SPCE had an ep, but was very extended short term was up like 200% in 1.5months that’s a big move, but the volume was enormous, once it took out orhs had already traded like 50Mshares like 2x avg daily vol, that was your tell, unfortunately I did not add to my long.
  • All right guys 45 seconds, to either go broke or get rich, you choose, you’re in charge of your destiny guys, it’s your choice, do you wanna go broke or get rich? Unfortunately most are gonna go broke, I can see it from the DMs I get.
  • BYND damn the entry was Friday pocket pivot, but I wonder if today there can be an entry also. Bought some.
  • NTLA too bad they gapped it this much, would have been better if it gapped 20/25% instead of 55%.
  • BEAM looks interesting as a sympathy play to NTLA, the others are kinda fading but BEAM is holding up pretty well, and breaking out of a nice base with hls.
  • AMC it started as a joke but this thing looks like a f*cking rocket launching site. Right on the 10day but I like how powerful this 60min candle is, straight up, that’s a sign of strength, it’s not grinding higher it’s just a rocket candle, I like that.
  • GRAY beautiful setup, absolutely fantastic.
  • CCIV having nice follow through from the breakout here.
  • EH had a failed breakout last week but it’s trying again, looks good.
  • CLOV setting up, surfing the 20day really nicely.
  • QFIN, fmd and it’s gonna be great.
  • ALF as a parabolic short yeah it’s day 2 of a third leg higher absolutely it’s a 4.5* para.
  • IKNX had a high volume ep Friday, idk the news but if you have a small account should have prob traded this thing. Huge volume out of no where, broke out of this big flag 5*. ESG focussed crypto mining company, the only thing missing from this pr is global leader. Jokes aside this thing is textbook, intraday kinda choppy but yeah when it finally broke out to highs.
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