368 [$AMC the greatest flag I’ve ever seen! Jun 24, 2021]

  • AMC look how tight it’s been in ah and pm, been in like a dollar range wth, Kenny boy is in total control of this thing. AMC is surfing the 10/20ema on the 60min and the 10day which is very very very good. If it can’t hold yday lows I’m gonna size down by half, that also happens to be the 10day, I have a starter but I really wanna add but it has to start breaking out, it’s just rangebound can’t get anywhere. It’s right on the 10day, has to find support here or I think the long trade will be done for now. Okay it undercut the 10day again and starting to reclaim, but not out of the woods yet it needs to get above 61, but still building a base.
  • AMC I’m gonna watch it on the weekly, no monthly, no yearly. Less stress, this is a life hack.
  • Remember to follow the rules and stick to 5* setups or you won’t be here for long, your trading dreams will shatter.
  • BYND if it can’t defend here could actually be a good short.
  • LABU I guess I should have rebought more, now it’s having a beautiful breakout.
  • PIRS that’s beautiful 5*, so much opportunity for those with smaller accounts, so many micro caps with great setups over the last few weeks.
  • SE at aths again, this is why it’s so important when there is a great setup and it shakes you out, you gotta get back in.
  • LYFT broke out earlier this week, had a breakout here [14/6/2021] that failed then retested the 20day and then it kinda broke out here [17/6/2021].
  • WISH building hls, surfing the 20ema, next leg higher gonna go to like 15/16, it’s slower than I anticipated but acting well for now.
  • BB setting up nicely, getting really tight on the 60min.
  • CLNE this is bullish, tried to break down on the 60min and it’s reclaiming, when you see a failed breakdown and reclaim that’s usually very bullish, at least that’s a sign of strength, not necessarily a sign that it’s gonna go straight up but more of a sign that it’s not ready to go down. Reclaiming again, marginally took out lods and now it’s about to go green, it just doesn’t want to go down.
  • FSLR potential ep, they had some news that US is banning Chinese solar imports that benefits FSLR, yep this is an ep, and it’s breaking out on a weekly range this is something that could go, that’s a good one. We’re getting a lot of these now where stocks are breaking multi month ranges, seen it for a few weeks now.
  • ATOS wow the breakout here [17/6/2021] I think I labelled it like 4* or something but man, these are the stocks you should trade if you have less than 1M account, high ADR 5%+, you could have bought an ADR3% setup that looks good but it’s not gonna go up 65% in a week, this is the reason you stick to high ADR stocks guys.
  • GRAY good setup I like it, had a big move doubled in a few weeks, orderly pullback, now it’s kinda around the 10day building hls getting tighter all the usual stuff, if this thing breaks out could easily make a 30% move.
  • In a bull market, strong stocks are supposed to go up, your job is to find the strong stocks and wait for a good market, you can’t control the market but you can control the setups, the scans, focus on the right type of stocks instead of some random pos. If you can choose between a slow and a fast pos stock, always choose the faster moving.
  • Struggling trader review: This guy posted some Swedish stocks, LIFCO I can clearly see this is too low ADR on the chart, move from 140 to 200 in like 6 months, it’s not an explosive stock. PLEJD now this is an explosive stock, please tell me you bought it [1/6/2021] this is so good perfect 5.5*, explosive stock doubled pretty quickly, surfing the 20day getting tighter and tighter, building hls and a range expansion from this tight range, beautiful. Okay [15/4/2021] that’s a good setup, right type of stock explosive momo stock, clean orderly. IMINT [29/4/2021] I don’t see anything here just random, had another setup [3/6/2021] pretty decent it just failed. BONAV [31/5/2021] not the right type of stock more of a grinder.


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