367 [Many many setups right now. $DDD super breakout. Jun 22, 2021]

  • BNTX and MRNA really good setups yesterday, I went long some wish I’d bought a little bit earlier but that’s fine, I think MRNA could easily go to mid 200s and BNTX to high 200s. Corona names having nice follow through.
  • AMC doesn’t look too healthy, kenny boy is captain of the boat rn, this thing could go back straight down to 30 if it loses the 10day, I was really hoping for one more squeeze. Don’t tell me AMC shook me out and now it’s going lower, I hate trading so much, if this thing goes down to 45 now with me being partial size. I had full size orls, then it took out hods stopped me out of full size and I only got 1/4 size back, it hurts, but I can’t chase it, can’t chase it, and now it’s gonna go straight down to 45.
  • AMC if it can reclaim that 57 area would be really good. Come on AMC I like this candle, undercut and reclaim that’s super bullish, now idk if it’s gonna hold up here maybe just gonna get rejected and sell off again, but for now this is a super bullish candle and the 20day starting to catch up too. AMC rejected for now, rn it’s in no mans land.
  • BYND bought breakout, that’s a good one. Third time BYND stopped you out? You know why, bc you bought incomplete flags, gotta wait for them to complete, that’s why we wait for the 10/20day to catch up in most cases.
  • DDD yeah good setup too really good, so many right now. The entry was no higher than 31, you had like 6/7mins after open to buy it, highs 29s/30s was already obvious it was a great breakout, was an obvious 5* setup. And this is what it looked like on scans yesterday that’s a great setup, you have this clean clean range, started building hls for a few days, big move off the lows 70%, orderly pullback, built this range and now today gapped up and just straight up, beautiful setup. This is what a great setup is supposed to do.
  • UONE mean reversion play yeah could be, this is exactly what you look for in a mean reversion, it’s down 63% in less than 2 weeks, and in the last 3 sessions it’s down 49%, this is something that could easily bounce 30/40/50% if it wants to, it’s a good r/r, exactly what you’re looking for.
  • SFIX yeah setting up, good one would be a 5* tomos.
  • LABU this is what you get for anticipating now it’s tanking and I’m taking a huge loss on it, so stupid, what I did on LABU instead of waiting for the race to start I just took a bet, that’s what you get for anticipating. I broke my own rules, you can anticipate sometimes if you do it on partial size, 1/3 or 1/2 but what I did I went full size immediately, I should have done half then waited for actual breakout candle. The setup is still intact building hls etc.
  • Guys if you’re frustrated by trading, and it persists after the weekend, I’m not sure you’re cut out for this game. Like I can get frustrated for the day but next day I’m coming back I have a fresh head, I don’t care what happened the previous day, generally, and after weekends I’m usually really refreshed. Rn I’m just frustrated for the day, kinda funny when you break your own rules that’s when you pay for it, it’s like the market has an ability to instantly punish you.
  • TRCH, BBIG, ALF, so many big movers and what’s the common theme on all of these.. all started with EPs, this is what Pradeep always talks about, big volume. Now these are all microcap pumps but many times the sh*ttiest companies can be the most profitable trades, that’s the irony of the stock market, and that’s what many of these business school types will never understand, they’re so stuck in their spreadsheets and academics talking about efficient markets, these people are so clueless man.
  • Why would buying a solid setup on a low float stock that then becomes a pump be risky? That’s what you want, that’s what sell rules are for, low floats are great, almost all the high ADR stocks are low floats, those are the only stocks you should be focussed on.
  • PLUG had earnings, this is actually a good setup, had a big move off the lows 85% in a few weeks, orderly pullback kinda surfing the 20day kinda below the 20day but now it has reclaimed, took out this range and reclaimed both the 10/20day, just needs to get above the 200day.
  • EH yeah another one setting up 12.6%ADR beautiful, these are 5* setups guys, something that could go up 50% easily once it breaks out, first leg higher went up 111%, these are the setups, only people with above 10M accounts are allowed to trade stocks with below 5%ADR, for everyone else it’s a waste of time.
  • BBW that’s 5* this is beautiful, big move, sideways little bit of pullback, surfing the 20day building hls, really tight has a nice range here, looks good just needs to break out.
  • ZIM it’s not really momo stock in the same way, looks for stocks that are explosive, this is a grinder, has a little bit of a move pulls back, has a little bit of a move pulls back, has a little bit of a move pulls back, the setup itself maybe idk it’s kinda barcode ish rn, this thing is up almost 300% in the past 4months, focus on the ones that went up 50/100% in a few days/weeks, powerful flags.
  • GSAT, had a great setup back in [5/2/2021] 5*, you can’t get more perfect setups than this.
  • PRNT this 3d printing etf is also kinda bouncing off the rising 150day for a second time, and also breaking this multi month trendline.


  • Barcodes are by definition wide and loose, have you ever seen a tight barcode? I’ll show you what a barcode looks like. If your potential setup looks like this, it’s not a good setup.
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