366 [$SPY super vulnerable, growth names great stength. Jun 18, 2021]

  • TNA looks like I’m gonna get stopped out, I don’t like the fact IWM looks so vulnerable on the weekly. Did I sell near the lows pm, classic.
  • FSLY yeah big move from the lows 45% and now it’s flagging, if it can tighten up for a few days would be a nice trading candidate.
  • SPYs look very vulnerable on the weekly, been a long time since we had a real pullback, I hope we don’t tank out of the gate but getting a pullback to the 200day that would just be like a normal 10% type pullback. SPXL short, break down from a long uptrend. SPXL my biggest position now, yuge.
  • VXX I’m watching if it takes out highs, if we get a real pullback in the SPYs like an undercut of the 200, this VXX could go to idk 50/100.
  • AMC come on, if it takes out this 64 it’s gonna go straight to 120, that’s my basic technical analysis. You gotta use a little bit of logic in the stock market, but not too much. If you hate money sure, go ahead short it, it’s just breaking out of an insane range, wait until a parabolic or backside, that’s your edge everything else is futile, goes for any momo stock, you don’t randomly short inside of a range, easier said than done.
  • AMC surfing the 10ema on the 60min now, that’s very good. AMC I’m not gonna sell unless they really tank into the close, it needs to hold the 10/20emas, you can always rebuy higher, but again I think late day is gonna be interesting, I think it’s gonna be a big move here, I hope to the upside.
  • WISH, I wish this thing went to 20. I wish it didn’t break out I wanted it Monday, I wish it stayed the f*ck down. WISH bought breakout.
  • BYND let’s see if it can defend the lower end of the range here, very important for it to defend here.
  • LWLG had a perfect htf break on the 60min [15/6/2021] in the 4.50/4.60s.
  • LIVE has been going sideways for 2/3weeks, what do you mean overextended? This thing had several good setups along the way.
  • EXPI this is 4.5-5* really good, textbook, really is beautiful.
  • I bring my laptop and then I go do whatever I want, I don’t sit in my office all day that’s for losers, that’s what 9-5ers do, f*ck that.
  • Looks like a rotation from value to growth, yeah we’ve had it for a few sessions now, the best way to see it has been in IWN versus IWO, and we saw the metals yesterday big breakdowns across the board, X, FCX.
  • You don’t have to be super advanced in your analysis, usually the simplest stuff works the best. Trust me on that one, the simpler, the better.
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