365 [$AMC infinity squeeze starting. Jun 17, 2021]

  • The moment you realise you’re a f*cking loser, that’s the turning point, from that point only good things can happen.
  • APOP, okay so they’re gonna merge, look at the history of the gaps on this stock look what happens, but maybe this time is different idk, it could be you never know that’s the thing with the stock market something does the same thing 5 times then the 6th time runs everyone over.
  • AMC getting rejected here at the MA of course, okay come on bounce here hold another hl. AMC look at these hls here, like these hls and these hls and these hls. I don’t wanna be short AMC, come on stop me out I wanna go long. Come on AMC let’s go oh boy, once it starts taking out 65/70 I have some tweets, my mall cop alter ego, he’s the biggest bull on AMC. This is the highest and tightest htf I’ve seen in my life.
  • AMC I did some deep fundamental analysis, you have a triangle, and the target would be the moon.
  • PIRS this was 5.2* on a 5* scale, beautiful, the entry was 3.60s/3.70s orhs it’s up 14% now, it’s gone now. Closing in on yday’s volume, you always don’t need volume but it’s kinda nice.
  • CLSD that one was annoying for those who bought the ep, shook you out yesterday and now it’s up 60% since, trading is so easy and peaceful.
  • Why am I not in some of these straight up stocks, LI, XPEV, NIO.
  • SNOW digesting the weakness really well, just right back into its range, if it can tighten up for a day or two after this would be nice.
  • BIIB could have a nice setup here soon, this is a lcap stock very explosive, also broke out of this 7year range not bad.
  • Struggling trader feedback: ARPO no the entry was [2/6/2021] was nice and tight, [4/6/2021] was wide and loose. BYND [7/6/2021] actually I bought it same day here too, was a decent setup but it’s a better setup now. CROX [7/6/2021] I mean no it’s a sloppy stock not a momo leader, focus on the strong ones. FLWS [7/6/2021] that was a decent setup. BW [7/6/2021] no horrible setup and no momo on this thing just sloppy stock all over the place it’s a barcode. SPCE [7/6/2021] yeah was a high momo stock, decent setup, was getting a bit extended had like a base here, base here, base here but it’s kinda working out for now. LKCO [8/6/2021] just a random day on a random stock. GALT [8/6/2021] barcode, these micro cap stocks once they lose the 20day they’re done, ignore, there’s no buying pressure on these things. SMMT [8/6/2021] this was a decent one had a nice move went up 57% in a few days, started surfing the 10day built hls nice triangle, tried to break out but totally failed but the setup was good. MOXC [8/6/2021] that’s a good setup not much follow through though. ZIM not a great momo stock more of a grinder.
  • Struggling trader feedback: CLF [9/6/2021] that was a 5* setup. GNK this was a great setup [7/6/2021] triangle hls lhs tight range, two tight days then it had this range breakout, [9/6/2021] was a chasers entry, not ideal, don’t chase. LEGN today would be a much better setup, found support on the rising 20day, had a tight day before, you always want to buy them when they’re kinda bouncing off an MA. SIG [10/6/2021] that’s a good setup was an ep and it’s still working, could go much higher. EXK [10/6/2021] was a decent setup just the SLV trade didn’t work out. EMAN [14/6/2021] was a good setup. ASXC [14/6/2021] not a great setup, kind of have to let them build a range first, don’t buy it just bc it’s building hls and taking out the prev day highs, wait for them to develop a range first, an actual flag. ATOS [14/6/2021] too let it build a range, there’s no range here. FUTU [14/6/2021] was a great setup 5* I bought it, just didn’t work out. ATOM [14/6/2021] again dude let the 10day catch up chill out with it, don’t buy these random up days on a momo stock you’re gonna blow up, this is not a good setup let the range develop, let the 10day catch up, if you can’t draw a triangle there’s no setup.
  • Sometimes it’s better to have no opinion than have a useless opinion.


  • Let’s put Kennyboy in the poorhouse… I check his net worth every day.


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