353 [Several potential $10M trades on the hook? Jun 1, 2021]

  • VTNR big move, I don’t think I’m gonna touch today still too low price, but maybe tomos if it holds up today makes a big move tomos would be the play for me, even though it can be a big play today could very easily fall back to $7/6, idk I’ll look at it later. Gonna watch it later, maybe off stream like 1-1.5hours after the open gonna start watching it, if I can find a good r/r entry. Hmm I guess I missed this VTNR, and again, you wait for until the stock is under vwap, then you can short, you don’t have to pick a top. Too bad it didn’t go to 15 or something, that would have been great, I mean I hope it goes to 15/20 tomos then I would bring the sledge hammer, today it’s trying to rally again, if it fails vwap would give another entry. I want those setups where you almost can’t lose, and I’m willing to miss a lot of them. I really hope it takes out the hods and goes to mid teens, then like 20 tomos, that’s a setup I would bring the sledge hammer.
  • AMC grinding back higher, we’ll see what it does near the open. Short some orhs. AMC grinding back, I hope it will go higher, just wished it would go lower today, but be great if it goes to 50/60 this week. So AMC built a lh intraday, gonna look for spots to add later. AMC damn, I didn’t get full size.
  • AMC Friday I kinda screwed up, I should have done 3/4x as much size as I did, especially on the backside I should have loaded, I only added a little bit here in the low 32s and in the mid 30s, I should have done 4/5x as much size on those adds when it was the backside, I kinda screwed it up a little.
  • AMC why I covered Friday, bc I didn’t wanna hold any shares over, first I didn’t have a lot of shares left I covered most on the way down and I already had a small position to begin with so didn’t feel like there was any point holding a tiny amount of shares over a 3day weekend. I was hoping for a big gap up just like we got, that was like a perfect perfect gap up and fade open, couldn’t have been more picture perfect, like 25%.
  • AGQ added premarket, will add more, SLV is breaking out of a big big flag.
  • EDC nice move since Friday, EEM finally going, starting to break out of this long multi month flag, this thing has a lot of potential. I’m diamond hands on these things.
  • BNTX I sized down a little Friday before the close, it didn’t close as strong as I’d have liked but it’s still building hls, we’ll see if it starts taking out that 207 area I’ll add back.
  • DQ potentially building a pocket pivot here, this thing looks great on the weekly.
  • TIGR nice move since the EP, and this thing could just be started, could go back to 35/40.
  • MOXC mean reversion long, yeah could be, it’s down 57% in two sessions and today is the third day, undercutting the 20day, yeah could be a good setup.
  • So many O&G names having beautiful breakouts today, the easiest way is just to do the triple etfs bc all the names look the same and they’re faster, ERX and NRGU are the fastest ones.
  • The reason I’m adding to my SLV and not buying any of these GDX, GDXJ, NUGT even though they’re breaking out of nice flags is bc GLD is kinda extended short term, I don’t think it’s gonna do well over the next weeks or months, I think it needs a few months of sideways here, it does look great on the weekly and monthly, just needs a few months of sideways. But SLV is just breaking out of a 7/8month flag, been building hls since Jul2020 and accelerated hls for the past 2/3months, I think SLV is gonna outperform at least in the short term.
  • If you wanna generate cash flow and not maximise account growth, yes selling aggressively is very important, if you wanna prioritise consistency and cash flow over maximising profits yes you gotta be more aggressive selling bc you’re gonna be more consistent throughout these different market cycles. While someone who looks for big moves may not make money in a choppy environment, you can still generate cash flow in a choppy environment, but in a really good market you’re not gonna generate as much money, but you’ll probably make money much much more consistently.
  • Semis a little bit extended short term, a little bit of pullback would be great, this is the sector I’d most like to own over the next few Qs, just all the time hearing about these chip shortages, and it’s constantly showing rs, you gotta listen. Big flag on the weekly, I think this thing goes to 300, the fundamentals are there, technicals are there now you just need some patience.
  • OEG must be some news, okay so the subsidiary gets contract, I’m not sure if it’s significant or not but if the volume is there could be an ep, these types they either double or they fail, but insane volume so far.
  • ARKK rallied into the 200day and the declining 50day and got rejected at that area, so the question here is, is it gonna have another big leg lower or is it gonna just pull back a little bit find support and then keep going sideways for a while?
  • I’m gonna switch over to this view, gives you less noise, kinda helps not looking at the intraday chart at all, except near the open first 30mins, but after that there’s really no point looking at the intraday, keeps the noise out. Big moves they take time, they take weeks and months to materialise, who cares what the stock does the next 5mins or 5hours, you can see it on the daily if it’s acting well or not.
  • BYND I wish I had held it, I covered it bc of bp issues, I was in so many triple etfs so I couldn’t hold it but yeah it’s working really well prob gonna pullback to the 10day now like 120s, has another easy $10 of fade, was a pure pump, Cramer started pumping it in the 120s trying to make it a meme stock.
  • I’ve watched and read everything about Druckenmiller, I think he is one of the best money managers ever, and I’ve tried to imitate his mindset. I think most people would benefit from thinking more like Druckenmiller, especially his philosophy about being able to change his mind. He does use stops, he does use price as his exit point but he doesn’t believe in hard stops.
  • Guys this is what it takes to succeed, I have these notes for great investors and traders, let’s just take Druckenmiller, I have a lot of notes here there’s so many great interviews with Druckenmiller, instead of listening to some moron on Twitter selling a service, listen to a guy who has pulled out Billions from the market, he compounded 30% for 30years without having a down year. There’s so many lessons, he shares his good trades, bad trades, he was skeptical about the internet stocks saw everyone else making money, then suddenly he was like f*ck it I wanna make some money too, bought a huge position near the top in 1999/2000, lost like $3B in a few weeks, and yet he had a profitable year that year. He’s not a believer in diversification, he’s a believer in if you see something really good, something that only comes round a few times per year, you bet big, you bet huge and then you watch that position very very closely. He’s also a believer in technical analysis, makes buy and sell positions based on price action.


  • Make a sentence only using tickers? Okay follow me I’ll start now: BIG, DKS, ARE, GOOD.
  • A lot of people didn’t get it, the real joke, the real humour for me personally are the people who don’t get the joke. I can throw a really bad joke out there and some people don’t get it, that’s what I really laugh at, bc that’s what creates humour for me personally, then I laugh at them but it just creates some really funny situations, like the DKS tweet ‘DKS is straight up’.
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