354 [$AMC to the moon. Jun 2, 2021]

  • AMC pump pr, not gonna touch AMC now it’s day one, now that it’s gone sideways for two days, gonna wait for day 2. I’m thinking about going long this thing later, if it flags intraday, I’m open. AMC so strong, I think it could do something incredible and go to 100 or something, maybe the Uber drivers are right. This is why shorting is such a dangerous game, bc people don’t believe things can happen and then they happen and they blow up. And look, it’s still hanging out near highs.
  • AMC yes I am long from orhs, now it’s hanging out near the highs.
  • GME [27/01/2021] this is what AMC looks like rn, had a leg up, went sideways a bit, another leg up, sideways two days then it gapped up and had another up day, this is exactly what AMC looks like but in a smaller format. Leg higher, sideways for a week or two, another leg higher sideways for two days and now it’s on this day 1. Pro tip guys never short on day one.
  • BB, trying my hand at this meme stock thingy on the long side, I saw some data BB has almost as much chatter as AMC but hasn’t even made it close to as big of a move. Too bad BB stopped me out, it was stronger early on than AMC so I thought that one was gonna outperform but nope, gotta stay with the leader not with the laggard. BB starting to move.
  • People just wanna be part of a movement, people are just idk bored, they just wanna be part of something big, that’s why we get any type of movement. A lot of people get stuck into these fanatical stock cults, it’s a new stock all the time, and they just go so fanatical they just cannot see, just ‘oh it’s gonna go higher’ that’s literally their thesis.
  • OEG man that candle that 22% direction candle into the close so beautiful. Just look at it on the intraday if this isn’t perfect idk what is, unfortunately I would have preferred a gap up to 10, and look at the volume over 200M, traded more shares yesterday than it did the previous year. Pulled back to the rising 10ema, too bad it gapped down, instead of gapping down 50c would have been nice if it had gapped up instead.
  • UONE yeah had a great breakout setup yesterday, beautiful look at this thing, had a big previous trend, stock went up almost 150%, orderly pullback, found support on the 10day, then broke out on volume, 5*, beautiful, this is called small account edge, there’s so many moves like this, and look at this up 33% in one day, ADR is 14%, in micro/smallcap space you can find these moves all the time. Yeah anyone who bought the first candle would have gotten stopped out, but it gave you an entry late in the day, shook everyone out who bought the range break but found support, built another hl on the 60min then built hls for several hours before it broke out again. Just bc a stock stops you out once doesn’t mean the setup becomes invalid, happens all the time you get stopped out then re-enter and it works, sometimes you get stopped out 2/3times. The problem is not that you got stopped out, the problem is that you didn’t re enter, bc the setup was still as good.
  • IHT that’s a beautiful setup wow. The buy is when it broke the range, mid/high 7s, classic htf, can’t get better than this. Just like LEDS last week, didn’t build hls in the same way but it was a tight range, big momo stock. And look at IHT now up 33% on the day, it’s actually up less than its ADR, these are the stocks you should be focussing on.
  • I don’t care about the market caps as much as the liquidity, many times the small and mid cap stocks can trade more volume than the megacap stocks, we’re seeing that on AMC rn it was a mid cap stock when it broke out, defining your trades by mcap doesn’t make sense, you have to follow the liquidity.
  • When I see literal morons running the market, that’s where the big money is, like GME 1/4 of my lifetime profits came within 1month or so in 2 trades on this stock, that’s where the big money is, craziness.


  • I’m gonna make a Tiktok on AMC, pump the sh*t out of this thing. Guys what you’re about to witness is the highest price target for AMC so far. The suits don’t know what’s coming for them.
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