352 [I love being in laggards. May 27, 2021]

  • IWM looks like it’s going, I got some TNA yesterday too bad it stopped me out the first time I had 400kshares, this time only 200kshares.
  • OMI, had an EP back in [21/7/2020] and it’s tripled since, I saw it on this day here, traded 60M it’s whole float that day, EPs especially when there is some game changing thing like some big theme, you can trade these things intraday, a few month timeframe, sometimes these EPs can last for years.
  • PANW, I’m prob gonna sell it just too slow 2.4% adr, I’d rather be in something faster, prob gonna sell unless it goes straight up from here.
  • BNTX still building hls but no juice yet. Looks so coiled on the 60min, okay 173M float no wonder it’s not going fast.
  • TITN earnings ep, yeah good setup this is what you wanna see in an ep, also breaking out of a big flag, those tend to be the best ones.
  • At the end of the day momo trumps everything, no matter if there is a story or not, but the one with some awareness of fundamentals should probably do better, talking about short timeframes, but depends how you handle the fundamental info you know.
  • XME etf looks so beautiful, I wish I didn’t miss orhs on this.
  • COPX looks great, found support on the 50day again.
  • ALB bought breakout.
  • BYND setting up as a short setup for tomorrow, looks very similar to where we shorted it here [13/01/2020].
  • Honestly I think PLBY is always a buy, it’s a perma buy, you can’t go wrong with buying Playboy. Yeah DKS and PLBY, they’re sympathy stocks.
  • AMC, omg tomorrow I’m gonna start watching, up four days in a row, second leg higher. AMC has a 350,000 price target? Let’s do some math, if it goes to 230 it’s gonna be at 100B mcap which is btw 2x TWTR, and it’s a business which probably has peaked just doing some basic fundamental analysis here.
  • It’s the same money switching between these stocks and asset classes, DOGE money is now going into AMC, it’s the same money looking for a new home, and it’s a game that has been working for a while now, the past 1.5years we’ve seen so many crazy things happen. This is like, any type of stock you wanna use some type of trailing stop always when swing trading, at least for part of your position, bc you never know when you’re gonna catch something like this, you catch the right side of a black swan and that one or two trades will make your year.
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