351 [Some bigs moves starting!! May 26, 2021]

  • GME I guess I’ll sell some here into strength, another 10%. Finally caught a big one with this GME, if it wasn’t so illiquid before the breakout would have bought more. GME that would absolutely insane if it actually takes out the previous highs, holy sh*t, like I was amazed like this bounce was kinda expected I talked about a potential big bounce coming for a week before it happened, but then it set up again and made another big move, that one I almost didn’t believe it was gonna come back that far and I didn’t have enough size. GME looks like it’s gearing for a move higher, building hls intraday.
  • AMC I wish I had checked the weekly bc maybe I would have bought some, this thing is almost a double now from the breakout level.
  • EEM one thing I’m stalking is this emerging markets etf, it’s kinda trying to resolve out of this big flag, also exactly kinda longer term breaking out of this 13year range, this is like the mother of all flags. EDC bought orhs.
  • BNTX I did anticipate a little bit, half size. Added orhs. This this is so coiled on the 60min, incredibly coiled, if this was 12/6months ago it would easily go to 300, these types of setups worked really well earlier this year.
  • MARA, RIOT, MSTR having some bottom range breaks, not really my type of setups.
  • ZS approaching avg daily volume last time it had an ep from orhs went up 35% in a few months, and the time before that started a big move. ZS look how nicely it’s bounced off the 50weekly.
  • I’m the stock yeller, I’m telling it to go higher and it’s not, it’s almost like the market is not listening to me, it’s almost like the market doesn’t give a sh*t about me. It’s super tough, that’s why I got a cat, he doesn’t give a sh*t about me either, I like the feeling. If you wanna prepare yourself for trading, get a cat, they pretend to like you but in reality they want their next meal.
  • PIRS kinda wish I had shorted some, I was thinking it would go up more but it didn’t, that was a very good setup, took out orls and you had a setup stop, picture perfect short setup, I was just hoping it would go up one more day.
  • SLV looks very intriguing, is a big big big beautiful flag, look at the monthly, dream scenario like it looks exactly like it did here [Aug2010], more than doubled from the lows of the crash then flagged for 6months or whatever. Now it’s kinda similar more than doubled and now it’s flagging, surfing the 10monthly, building relentlessly hls.
  • CRWD, I see a stock that is straight up for 5days and is having a green candle, had a pocket pivot here [18/5/2021], today is just a continuation move not a breakout.
  • A pocket pivot is a breakout inside of a range, like this CRWD, a stock with previous momo that pulls back to one of the major MAs, builds a little bit of a range and then as it breaks out of that range, this was a picture perfect pocket pivot, found support on the rising 100day, started building hls, got tighter and then broke out of this range on higher volume, and look at it now. And now everyone is getting excited about the breakout but if you want to make money in the market, this was where you buy it, and that’s a pocket pivot.
  • BGFV, had a wide candle yesterday that kinda ruined the setup a little bit, but on the 60min it’s kinda tight looks pretty decent.
  • How much fundamentals/story matters? Hard to say but prob 50%, you wanna be in the things where money is going to, that’s kinda the whole point of trading, the longer the timeframes the more fundamentals matter. And when I say fundamentals I’m not talking about like balance sheet and margins, I’m talking about the theme or the story.
  • A chat is always evil, no matter which streamer you look at, whatever the level of the streamer like the morals and ethicals and language use, the chat is always about two levels below that, no matter what. Bc people are anonymous on social media, you can write anything and won’t get consequences, worst thing you get muted or banned.
  • Some of the best traders are very emotional, of course you’re gonna have emotions, but the key is not letting emotions dictate your behaviour, you can be happy you can be scared you can be pissed off, and if you stick to your system you’re fine. Just another one of these myths people spread, I don’t believe in it at all.
  • Orhs… the magic of orhs, you have a defined stop and the stock just has to pick a direction.
  • Let’s look at the tick chart, if you want to be a successful trader you have to kinda zoom in and never take your eye off the markets. I’m already feeling my stress levels go up.
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