350 [Big moves potentially starting in a few places. May 25, 2021]

  • Yeah it’s mostly a boomer watchlist, it’s more to do with account size than age, if my accounts were smaller I wouldn’t be doing these things, I would be focussing on other stocks, and I wouldn’t be looking at these etfs, it’s something that struck me just a few weeks ago, the liquidity, the size you can do in etfs even though the dollar volume is low, it’s pretty amazing. A few times per year you’re gonna find a new type of edge or something that’s gonna take your trading to the next level, it only happens once or twice per year, but when it happens it’s just an amazing feeling, like you found gold.
  • HAYW that was a great setup, was a nice htf, recent ipo super explosive growth htf, this is an odds probabilities game and this thing is just, wow.
  • GME if this thing breaks the 189 area on the weekly, man. GME it’s do or die, can we get the spec money back? Let’s go, volume is really not there to support the big move unfortunately but could come in later we’ll see, could be starting to grind grind grind then starts speeding up an volume comes in.
  • AMC yeah people don’t understand dilution, they don’t understand mcap versus enterprise value. I don’t think movie theatres are coming back, and yet it’s going up, you kinda have to trust the technicals, you can’t argue with technicals. It was definitely some type of setup, I would have preferred a fmd sideways and have it tighten up a little bit, it was a very little flag but explosive stocks that’s how they behave, they find support on the 10day versus the 20day, slower stocks find support on the 20day and even slower stocks on the 50day.
  • IWM is wanting to come out of this range. I have an enormous position in the TNA, I did anticipate some yesterday, but man when I see a good setup, holy sh*t.
  • TIGR yeah that’s an ep, just look at the volume, if you paid attention you could have seen this thing traded 15/20% of the avg daily volume first two mins, and in the first 5mins traded 1/3, that’s ep volume, at this rate it’s prob gonna hit 20M volume, could have its highest volume day since ipo or at least one of.
  • BNTX is one of the setups I’m excited about, this is a classic htf.
  • Looking at the MAs on these triple etfs just don’t it’s a useless exercise, you have to look at the underlying.
  • GLD made a big move over the past couple of months, 13% move in a few months that’s a big move historically, probably need a few months of sideways here, build this bigger flag pattern that would be great, obv could keep going straight up but would be great if it kind of went sideways for a few months in this range and built a flag. Too bad there is no triple GLD etf, only miners and those are kinda lagging the underlying rn. Ah UGL there it is, but still very low ADR.
  • LIT etf looks great, been building hls for a long time, would be great if it pulled back a little, built a bit of a flag and then broke out.
  • There’s two things you should never do; go full rocket scientist and full retard.
  • Many of these former big runners bounced big last week but they’re bouncing into these declining MAs, CVNA huge mover last year went up 1300% from the Mar2020 lows, and now it’s running up into the declining 50day, you see the same thing of a lot of these, TSLA, ARKK, just so much work needed for these things to set up and make a big move in these types of stocks again.
  • Getting the useless sh*t out of your trading is the hardest thing ever, gotta go through a lot of trial and error in the first few years, that’s where people fail, they can’t figure out what works and what doesn’t, that’s why as a new trader you prob shouldn’t even use indicators, just focus on price that’s the most important thing. All the indicators are derived of price anyways so just go with the basics, only price pays. And then after a while you can start adding some indicators if you really find one that you feel give you an edge, for me it’s the MAs, really helped me a lot, and when shorting also the vwap on the intraday.
  • Fundamental analysis if you’re a very short term trader is almost completely useless, what you really need to be able to read is the order flow, where is the money going, which way is the money flowing and what stocks are in play. Earnings and stuff like that if you’re very short term you really don’t need that, all that matters is momo momo momo. The longer term your trading is gonna be, the more you need to involve fundamentals, that’s why looking at even if current fundamentals are not there yet, like these Copper and Steel names the numbers are incredible, these things are growth stocks rn, triple digit earnings and high double digit revenue, and huge estimates the next few years. So even in commodities and cyclical names, to find the next big trends, look at the estimates.
  • LEDS this is a great setup, this is something most of you should have found on your scans, holy sh*t it’s a good setup, nano cap stock with huge momo, this is textbook. And this is morons buying now like 20 people from the chat buying rn, you’re never gonna be successful traders, the entry was in the mid/high 8s that’s where the technical entry was that’s where you had edge, the only way you’re gonna learn is the hard way. Buying at 8.54, you’re gonna make tens of millions, this was a 5 star, they don’t get better than this, this was 5 star, literally picture perfect, you won’t get better setups than this on a nanocap, larger caps tend to find support on the 20day but nanocaps they find support on the rising 10day. Look at this thing it more than tripled in a few days, pulled back undercut the 10day, reclaimed, oscillated a little got tighter. I’m gonna show you the exact same setup recently in something else. DOGE, actually it wasn’t exactly the same kinda undercut the 20day but if you look at just the patterns is the exact same. Same things repeating over and over again, you wanna find these explosive stocks, those of you with tiny accounts less than a few million, you have such an edge man, such an edge, you’re gonna really have explosive explosive returns these are the types of setups you’re looking at.
  • A lot of these trading services, all these traders selling something they won’t tell you what you need to hear, I believe I’ve been around long enough, I keep studying all these things all the time, like the link I posted yesterday on the 1929 crash and today about the Latin American miner stocks in the early 1800s, I keep studying these behaviours and these cycles and I’ve seen literally hundred and hundreds of traders come and go, and it’s just the same things over and over again, and I feel like someone needs to tell when someone is a moron you kinda need to hear it.


  • Gonna do a poll; should I calm down calling stupid behaviour/beliefs for stupid/moronic?


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