343 [Zzzzo boring. May 14, 2021]

  • SMH on the rising 150day, still in an uptrend, still building a hl.
  • IWM also still building a hl, it’s amazing, this is still intact as far as I’m concerned.
  • GBTC I’m short since 2days ago, kinda had this little break down, broke this high 42 range, not a big position I’ll just keep it in case it goes lower.
  • TSLA had been showing so much weakness, yesterday QQQ was pretty much unchanged, this thing was down, but now it undercut the 200day it could very well find support here, last time it touched the 200day that was it.
  • SPYs held the 50day like a champ, but it’s running into the declining 10/20day so we’ll see how it acts.
  • AMC broke out of a big flag. GME kinda flagging too.
  • For swing traders there’s just not much going on, you gotta wait for the big opps, you can scalp the small opps or you can swing the big opps, that’s a decision you have to make.
  • Just 3months ago I was feeling a little bit burned out bc there was so many things going on, now I’m almost falling asleep in my chair. This is why you can’t, you can never know when these periods come, you never know when things die off and when things go crazy again, you kinda have to watch things every day, you don’t necessarily have to sit in front of the computer all the time but you need to stalk the markets all the time. Even if you’re on vacation, if you miss the best month of the year, that kinda sucks right.
  • BNTX is actually flagging nicely, if it goes sideways a few more days, holding up really really well.
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