344 [Deep fundamental research on Nat Gas. May 17, 2021]

  • Did you have a great weekend? And when I say great weekend I mean did you sit inside the whole weekend and study setups? That’s the only type of weekend you’re allowed to have if you’re not a profitable trader. That’s what I wanna hear, you stayed in your mom’s basement no sun all weekend? You’re gonna make tens of millions, maybe even hundreds of millions.
  • The last two earnings seasons really sucked, but there have been some small/microcap runners, among those stocks there is always opportunity, no matter what the market is doing there is always opportunities in the mico/small cap land.
  • DDS, another earnings ep Friday this small cap stock, had a good chart too, been surfing the 50day for many months. If you’re awake with a small account there’s a lot of opps.
  • It’s kinda tricky you have things working that you’re excited about and then you look at the rest of your portfolio and it’s not working, and it kinda evens itself out and you’re not getting anywhere, been like this for a few months now.
  • TSLA looks like death, it can’t even reclaim the 20ema on the 60min, keeps getting rejected.
  • COMPQ I don’t like how it got rejected on the declining 10day and also below this 100day, the downtrend is still intact, for now.
  • GLD, looks like I may have missed an opp in this Gold sector, that’s fine I’m in Silver instead, but would have been nice to have bought one of these GDX or GDXJ. So many shoulda coulda wouldas, in a market like this when there is so few opps to me, every opp that I miss kinda hurts, in a hot market it doesn’t matter bc you miss one opp and there’s 5 around the corner.
  • If you get to the market one hour after opening, you will def miss some opps, but there is still enough opportunity I think. And it may even give you a little bit of an edge, bc you’re gonna get into less failed breakouts, if you wait an hour you may miss some really good entries but you’re also gonna miss a lot of fbos, bc a lot of things breakout in the first 15mins then they reverse. It may even be a net positive actually.
  • BTC does not look great, looks kinda broken for now. ETH still holding its uptrend though.
  • GME does look strong, looks pretty powerful on the weekly. AMC is strong.
  • IWN is the Russell 2000 value index, IWO is just the growth stocks in Russell 2000, while IWM is both. As you can see IWN has been kinda strong lately, value stocks have done much better than growth stocks, IWO looks like sh*t the past 3months, and IWM is kinda in between.
  • Anyone have any insight into nat gas? It’s always a little bit sketchy trading commodities just based on the chart. So it’s weather dependent, if I buy some here I’m gambling on the weather? Bought some BOIL. UNG looks a little bit like an EP here, I like how it’s reclaiming the 200day after a multi year downtrend, I know TA is not really as helpful as on a stock but still, looking back this thing can make some decent multi week/month moves.
  • These etfs they kinda create shares, you can do enormous size with no slippage, that’s why I’m gonna use etfs more going forward bc it’s very scalable, I think most of my money will be in etfs, bc you can do so much size with these things. They’re trading on the underlying asset not on the like supply demand of the etf itself so they kinda create and redeem shares depending on the supply/demand. The market makers are hedging, okay.
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