339 [My portfolio looks like I am preparing for the end of the world. May 6, 2021]

  • RHE too bad it’s gapping down, would have been nice if it re tested low/mid 20s.
  • FCX had a nice breakout yesterday. The problem with these types of commodity related names is they’re very mean reverting, they go up a little then pullback, up a little then pullback, they don’t tend to make big moves after a breakout.
  • AGQ rebought orhs. Let’s see if SLV can go this time or not.
  • LQDT, second Q of great earnings, so thin though. Every earnings season it doesn’t really matter what the market does in the small/microcap space there’s always a few big movers. The tiny stocks are not necessarily dependent on the overall market. This is what happens when you have good earnings and a good chart, and this thing could be 30 by next week. For those of you with small accounts, there’s so many more opportunities. Yeah EPs are easier when they gap up but if you have some way to find these big eps big rev growth stocks, you would have found it PM, and seen this has a great chart and great earnings and had it on watch anyway. The thing is many times with the micro and nano caps they may not have any action PM or AH, bc they’re so small there’s no market for it in extended hours.
  • BGFV yesterday for eg, great earnings big volume. Look at this ep down here look at the move it sparked [9/7/2021] traded like 100x avg daily volume, did sell off initially but this was the start of a big big move, up 750% since.
  • ETHE I don’t know why I sold it, up almost 70% from where I sold 21 area, I bought it 18 when it broke this range here. So annoying when you break your sell rules.
  • BNTX was actually a mean reversion setup on the long side today, orhs. I hope it keeps selling off, this bounce fails and it goes to the 50day tomos then get a big bounce.
  • NUE was a pretty decent one, here it had this fake breakdown attempt below the rising 20day then it reclaimed and went back into base.
  • ETCG starting to get more volume too, hopefully it can really speed up, gonna start watching it from tomos, hopefully it goes to 100 today then a big gap up tomos, that would be an ideal scenario. I’m gonna test trade it, it’s impossible getting fills on this thing, so thin.
  • BTC is lagging the others but it is flagging really nicely here, tried to break down below the 50day but reclaimed and now it’s staying above the 50day. On the weekly it’s a beautiful flag, building hls, surfing the 10weekly. Once this thing goes if it breaks out of this flag I really think BTC is gonna go to 100k or something.
  • SPXL trying short again, I just don’t see a lot of good action, even a lot of metal and bank stocks are feeling tired, something has to give. It tried to breakdown, failed the breakdown tried to reclaim the 10day failed there and now it’s losing the 20day again, and the action beneath the surface just sucks.
  • TSLA maybe I’ll short too, bc it’s surfing below the 50day now, acting as a resistance, tried to reclaim but failed back under the 50day. Shorted some. Yeah the 150day has been support for the past 2 attempts.
  • If you do parabolic shorting you’d better be there for AH and PM, if you don’t you’re eventually gonna blow up, and you better be there early, otherwise you’re just gonna be another statistic bc most people are not willing to do that, they come to the market 15mins before open and pull up their favourite alert service, you actually have to put in some effort yourself.
  • Whatever method you decide to trade, you need to have a process and you have to focus, can’t deviate. I have three main setups that I use and I have processes to find them. Sometimes I f*ck up like I did on BNTX a few days ago, that was a really good setup and I just dropped the ball. You’re gonna drop the ball all the time, and it’s fine, you will still have great returns, you don’t need to catch everything, there’s so much opportunity in the US stock markets it’s just insane. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get the big things right, and you don’t need to catch everything.
  • BNTX I was even looking at it up here when it was still green on the day before it broke down went red took out orls, I just totally dropped the ball on it. You could have risked $3/4 to make 60/70, that’s a great r/r and a high probability setup, it had a big run, flagged, had a big run, flagged, and this was the third day of the third leg higher, very high probability setup.
  • The best performing funds, most people get in near the top, when the move has already been made, so you can have a great performing fund then you look at the avg investor in the fund and they’re down bc they bought near the top, that’s how the world works, it’s the same thing over and over again. Even if you look at TSLA, I don’t think a lot of people apart from funds got in down here, most people bought it 500+, believing the stock will go up for eternity but it’s priced for perfect execution for the next ten years. Same thing with MSFT in the 90s, went up for a decade made an enormous move, and it’s not like the company sucked during this timeframe [00-13] they tripled their revenues during this timeframe, but it just took this long to grow into the valuation. There is example after example of this, TSLA may be doing great but the stock might not go anywhere for the next 10/15years. And that’s why I prefer trading, bc I don’t like to be a victim of the markets.


  • Someone made a quiz with my setups, I’m gonna see how well I do. I got 12/28 wtf, I got like 40% correct, I just failed the test. I’m gonna ban myself from the chat.
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