338 [Limited opportunities. May 5, 2021]

  • X is straight up from the breakout two days ago, if it had gone sideways a little bit more I would have been interested.
  • XOP, I wish I had bought the oil names last week when they bounced off the rising 100day.
  • TNA is one thing I’m getting excited about, look how it’s violently building hls, building this range.
  • ETCG, that’s a good setup, day 3 on an extended run, good setup. If I had a small account I would be all over, this is the most profitable day trading setup playing out in real time. ETCG lost vwap again, let’s see if we can have another leg down to low 50s or something.
  • I thought we were gonna have a nice pullback but nope, instead we reclaim and back to this slow grind, nothing going on outside of steel names.
  • AH and tomos gonna be an insane amount of earnings, but I don’t have very high hopes.
  • PRPO volume is dead, I still have about 1/4 of position, I only had 1/2 size to begin with but I should have been more aggressive, I had like more than a dollar stop with 300kshares, I wanted it to pop back to low 8s or something, but it never popped there so I never got full size.
  • FCX, this is a good looking breakout but you gotta buy these things near the MAs especially commodity related names, it’s so hard to buy breakouts on those things.
  • ALB I got shaken out of yesterday I just sold it and I shouldn’t have. Gonna rebuy and just pretend I never sold it, it was a mistake, I just wanted to get rid of it looked like everything was gonna break down but they didn’t.
  • SQM bought highs. SQM it’s a strong sector, if there was anything else going on I wouldn’t have done this but I still think it could make a decent move, it’s flagging nicely, on the weekly looks great. I also bought it here [26/4/2021] but I got stopped out, now it reset, tried to break down built a hl and now it’s trying again. It’s a good setup, just low adr and illiquid, so I’m reaching down a little, but the bad thing is if you start doing bad setups.
  • TNA only thing looking good, if it can go sideways a bit more then break out of this range, look how nice it’s surfing the 20weekly, this is a 5* looking chart.


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  • Not really my cup of tea, or in this case my sip of Nocco.
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