327 [Henry Cavill home workout video. Apr 19, 2021]

  • GME was looking interesting, gapping up over this range, but idk not really super excited about it, or anything atm. It gapped up right into the declining 20day, if it breaks out later on could be something but now it’s kinda selling off.
  • If you’re gonna trade microcap stocks focus on the ones surfing the 10/20day.
  • I don’t like that the cryptos are down, they have been leading indicators for speculation in the market for the past 7months or so.
  • BTC had this sharp pullback, undercut the 50day and reclaimed, rn it’s just on the 50day, so it’s still holding its uptrend, rn building hls and maybe late this week/next week we’re gonna have a setup here if it holds and keeps building hls, now it needs to go sideways build a range. I still think it’s gonna go higher, as long as it’s holding the uptrend, but it doesn’t have to do it in a straight line, it’s gonna have false breakouts, shakeouts, that’s how the markets work.
  • KRE, DPST bought breakout, let’s see if these financial etfs have some juice.
  • FUTU going, aw no I saw it trigger my alerts and kinda hesitated. FUTU was 5*, really good look at the volume you can see on the 60min, it’s already above the avg of the last two weeks. The thing about breakouts, when you buy the only game in town I don’t like it, I like to buy breakouts when there’s a lot of breakouts, when it feels like you’re missing out.
  • BILI it has a range break but it feels like it’s gonna run to the declining 50day and then fail, it’s not a complete base. I don’t like it when they have a declining MA overhead, it’s much better when they’re kinda hitting new highs. Stuff like AMAT or LRCX there was clean air above when I bought it, CLF, TWTR, they didn’t have any declining MAs above.
  • BIGC if you touch this thing it’s like touching dog sh*t on the ground.
  • The QQQs and the SPYs are kinda short term extended, a couple weeks of sideways so the 10/20day can catch up wouldn’t hurt, it’s not a great environment to buy breakouts rn. You want to see things setting up, then break out, then new things setting up, but rn we had a bunch of good setups a couple of weeks ago but since then there hasn’t been a steady flow of new setups, just some random stocks here and there.
  • AI [17/3/2021] was the last time I traded a breakdown, I shorted orls but I got stopped it had a late day rally, then rejected on the declining 20ema on the 60min and since then been in a downtrend.
  • I think if you do these mechanical screens you’re gonna get a lot of random random charts, it’s better to do it manually, bc there’s a lot of stocks that make 50/100% moves but many of them don’t have any setups to enter, or like a clean setup.
  • Struggling trader feedback: GPRO [9/4/2021] not a good setup. AER [8/4/2021] setup was okay but slow moving stock. BLNK not a great setup, small cap stock surfing the 100day, just a broken stock. SQ [7/4/2021] was no setup just a random up day, needs to come off a solid tight range. They all just look too random, there’s a lot of randomness in the market, you need to get out of the randomness. Also you’re doing a lot of trades, stop it you’re gonna blow up so fast, no more than 1 trade per day for you.
  • TWTR [6/4/2021] was a decent setup, it is a slower moving stock. But look how nicely surfing the 50day, undercut reclaimed, undercut reclaimed, then it broke out pierced both the 50/20day. I thought it was a really good setup that’s why I bought it.
  • Struggling trader feedback: TFC not really a momo stock, just a grinder, the setup would have been much better if it had adr 5%. UAL [5/4/2021] just a random setup, if you look at the action a few days before, this stock would have needed a fmd of sideways, just incomplete. It’s too random, if you trade things that are random you’re gonna get random results. You need to get the randomness out, you need to trade the top momo stocks, that’s where your edge is.
  • If you really want something, you will find a way. If you’re not gonna put in the effort, you’re a hopeless case.


  • Increased chat freeze to 3 months.
  • Birch, it’s my favourite tree, look at this a white tree how cool is that? And you can get birch sap from them, but for one month per year they’re not very cool. One month per year I hate these trees.
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