326 [Patience. Apr 16, 2021]

  • DOGE, this is called a parabolic, holy sh*t, so it’s at 50B mcap now. This thing had a htf look at this, made a big move pulled back, started surfing the 10day, made a very powerful move, kept surfing the 10day then it had another powerful move. Kept surfing the 10day, then it went parabolic. Just shows you so much money chasing anything there rn, they’re just waiting for something new to chase.
  • TNA I rebought it yesterday when it took out this high 92 range, after I sold it when it closed weak.
  • The best time to buy stocks is after a multi month sideways or a multi month sell off, and obv the SPY, QQQ, COMPQ are a little bit extended, a pullback sideways here wouldn’t be too bad, IWM though has been going sideways for like 2/3months building hls, so I have high hopes for the IWM but it needs to actually break out.
  • AA when it broke out two days ago, that was like a 4.5* setup. To be a 5 star, I would have preferred a tighter day before it broke out, but otherwise perfect, linear orderly move, surfing the 10day, found support on the 20day reclaimed, pulled back and did these wicks below the 20day, shows there’s buyers there, and build hls, if it had just one tighter inside day here would have been a 5*.
  • SPG this is a 5* setup it really is, look how orderly is it, look how nice it’s been surfing the 20day, every time it gets below these MAs it has these wicks , here it tested the 50day perfectly right back into range, here again, this is a 5* setup beautiful.
  • ARKK I think I’ll get stopped out, it got rejected off the declining 50day, it’s kinda backside. If it can’t hold this hourly 65ema I’m out, it needs to close strong 125+ for me to hold it over the weekend.
  • LSCC gapped up on index inclusion, what I’ve found is index inclusions usually they may pop a few days then they’re gonna pullback to the MAs, not game changing news or anything, EPs need to be some kinda news that can propel the stock higher for months and quarters, a big surprise.
  • Struggling trader feedback: GP was an okay setup, was near the peak of the spac market, and you can see why it failed, COMPQ pulled back. You wanna buy breakouts when the COMPQ comes out of a multi month sideways consolidation or a multi month sell off, setup itself was okay but once the market is straight up for multi months you gotta be careful buying breakouts. PTON had an entry here [4/2/2021] good setup but failed, the setups themselves were okay but if you look in correlation with the market you’ll see it was a huge laggard compared with the market. FSR [12/2/2021] was an ep type I thought it was a good setup, lot of volume took out this long range, at the time ev related names were really hot but that was obviously at the end of the move, that’s why it failed.
  • Struggling trader feedback: CRSR [3/2/2021] good setup but early feb was near the peak of the market, and this thing had been lagging for a while. OEG was up over 1000%, the setup itself was good [16/2/2021] but you gotta be careful these ones up 1000/2000% in a few months, they’re just not gonna keep going up forever, you’re not gonna get htf double, htf double, htf double for eternity. The higher they go, the higher the fail rate will be eventually.
  • You need to have market awareness, very important, you just can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, it’s not that easy as good setup buy, no, you have to be aware of the market conditions.


  • Neighbour moped won’t start. I kinda like him he won’t give up, I like when people won’t give up. I like the spirit, he’s going places.


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