325 [Patience and Deep Fundamental Analysis on PLBY Group. Apr 15, 2021]

  • UPST I wanted to give it a little bit of room, I’m thinking the 10weekly, it’s a small position, if I had a bigger position I would probably have sold it when it lost the 20day on this day here, but it’s only like 3% of my portfolio, I’m working on my patience. This is how you get used to new things, slowly, one step at a time, you don’t go from day trading to swing trading overnight, slowly, it’s a process, I’m trying to increase my time frames, start small, get comfortable with it, then you go bigger.
  • I try to keep the strongest ones and sell the weak ones, I sold SI yesterday, even though SI made another hl undercut the 50day, so actually it wasn’t really a bearish candle, a candle like this doesn’t necessarily have to be bearish it can be bullish.
  • GBTC pulled back but it built another hl.
  • SLV looks great on the weekly.
  • Be very careful shorting small caps, unless they’re like parabolics, and unless you do it intraday.
  • PLBY is the new market leader, who would have thought the biggest boomer stock being the leader. I’m doing some pre fundamental analysis on PLBY rn. Sexual Awareness Operations, this guy’s the biggest pervert, look at this pervert. They made him unclickable. Yep it’s a buy, you can’t go wrong investing in PLBY.
  • NVDA is the semi play, just keeps going straight up, had a pocket pivot here [31/3/2021].
  • Struggling trader feedback: OCG it’s a hot theme I played it myself on the ep here, but these microcaps there’s no institutional support on these things, there’s no reason for these things to bounce off the MAs, no fund wants these things, it’s just a retail pump, so these are better when they surf the 10day generally, or when they’re way off their highs, but a pump is a pump and most of the time once they go down it’s dead. GMBL [6/4/2021] I see what it is surfing the 50day but it’s kinda all over the place, wasn’t tight and again it’s a microcap stock. VCEL setup itself was pretty decent maybe 3.5*, surfing the 20day, hls, getting tighter, but not a great market. HIBB wasn’t really a good setup, yes it was building hls, surfing MA, taking out range, but it just looks all over the place, not really the type of stock you want to trade, it takes years to see which ones are worth it and which ones are not.
  • Struggling trader feedback: GPRO I would have wanted more sideways, was okay but mediocre, and when you do mediocre setups in not a great market, a market that has gone straight up, this is what happens. TSLA [12/4/2021] that’s a 5* setup, building hls, really tight and it was close to breaking out of this range on the weekly. ZIM pretty decent setup, momo stock pulled back to the rising 20day, and bounced off the 20day, I would have preferred a bit more sideways, but this is what you want, you want to buy them very close to the MAs, the 10/20day or the 50day.
  • When you get these microcap stocks, you want them to surf the 10/20day, not the 50day, when they get to the 50day it’s probably most of the time an avoid, if it’s a mid/lcap the 50day works really well, as well as any of the other MAs.
  • GROW [5/4/2021] was a good setup, was an ep breakout I think, yeah was a good setup, broke out of a multi month range, building hls surfing the 50day and it was tight before the breakout, then it gapped up and went straight up.
  • Choppy markets are way harder than bear markets, in a bear market there are pretty much no setups, but in a market like this you still do get some pretty decent setups but they fail to follow through the way I would like to so you end up having a lot of small losses, and a lot of stocks that are decent winners, they turn back down.
  • The small and microcap stocks even if we get setups, a lot of them will fail until this IWM starts breaking out and going higher, that’s something to keep in mind. The big money in micro and small cap stocks, and mid caps too, is when the IWM starts going higher, the 10/20day are rising and the 10day is above the 20day. In a period like this if you know how to trade you’re gonna 2/3/4x your account, you want to wait for these periods if you’re a swing trader, that’s where the money is.
  • You have to understand, if you go to a regular job you’re gonna get paid the same, not the same with trading, every day is an opp to lose money not make money. And the same can be said for weeks and months also you gotta be super selective.
  • But you shouldn’t base all your decision making on the index, you should look at individual setups bc a good setup will still work out even if the index is going sideways, something with a very strong momo and very strong catalyst can still work out and make a big move, but you have to patient and super selective.


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