324 [If you don’t watch this, delete your trading account! Struggling trader feedback starts 16.05 deskto. Apr 14, 2021]

  • RIOT worked out nicely, only problem I lost about 700k getting stopped out about 3x before it finally broke out. MARA is now a laggard, was leading and now BTC is actually breaking out it’s a laggard, while RIOT that was lagging is breaking higher. They’re definitely not acting like they were from Nov2020 to Feb2021, how many doubles triples, now they can’t really go, bc they’re kinda old trends, you just can’t expect them to go up forever.
  • TSLA kicking myself not buying, was a really good setup, this weekly break.
  • BNTX someone asked me on this day but I passed on it, I didn’t think it was a good setup but it was, look how nicely it had been surfing the 150day, here here here then it kinda broke out of this consolidation with hls above the 150day on volume, now it’s up 30%.
  • TQQQ did size down a little bit yesterday, QQQs have made a pretty big move kinda straight up for 2weeks, usually when you get straight up 2week moves there’s usually some mean reversion. We will have a pullback to the 10day it’s just a matter of time.
  • IWO etf looks so good, 5 star setup, little bit slow though.
  • TNA bought some. TNA really you need to look at IWM, IWM looks 5 star, this is everything you want to see from a good setup. IWN what a beautiful breakout 5 star, here too all of these are htfs, these are the setups you want, keeps surfing the 20day, and here it kinda tests the 50day, that’s what they do eventually.
  • YALA it’s a pretty decent setup, many of these small caps breaking out, it’s surfing the 100day, fairly recent ipo, it’s good.
  • ALB, kinda been surfing the 100day, now it’s kinda below it but still building hls, today it has this range expansion candle, kind of a pocket pivot type of situation, slow stock though.
  • I wish I did trade less, again it comes down to just look at the MAs, pay attention, is the 10day below the 20day? Is the 10/20day declining? Don’t buy breakouts, it’s really that simple. The big money is when we get these multi month runs. The key is really to identify these dangerous periods and keep out of them, you need to really have the mental resolve to not trade.
  • CLF pulled back to the rising 20day and today it’s kinda having a continuation move, it’s a bit sad the ep failed but is what it is.
  • GME if you had asked me any time after it cracked if it was gonna go back to 350 I would have laughed, that’s what I love about the market you can be so certain about something and get proven totally wrong and still make money if you know how to trade. I realised that a long time ago, if I just followed the price action I could make a lot more money than following my useless opinions.
  • Struggling trader feedback: CDEV sh*tty setup, needs to be tight, needs to be breaking out of a tight range and preferably out of an MA. DS no setup here. EXPR okay I guess but didn’t really build hls. ISR another one random stock in a downtrend, in these microcap pumps the MA rules work differently, there’s no institutional support behind them. MBI okay htf type scenario, actually nice setup now. MOGO this was an okay setup [31/3/2021] but this is just a continuation move not a setup. NDRA no linearity at all just all over the place, you want controlled moves. Microcaps are a bit trickier, you want them to surf the 10/20day especially the 20day. You really don’t want to buy these microcap pumps off the 50day, they usually have their day in the sun and then they fade off, there’s no institutional buying pressure in these things, they don’t have to bounce off the 50day and go higher. It’s not like a stock like SQ or ROKU that are changing the way we do things, there’s constant buying pressure institutions want in.
  • Struggling trader feedback: IZEA too random, wasn’t really surfing any of the MAs. NMM this is good, momo stock pulls back to one of the key MAs, then kinda has a breakout candle off the rising 20day, it’s linear it’s orderly it’s not random, that’s an edge. SOXL good one same day I bought it. But you can’t look at you have to look at SMH, this is a really good 5 star setup, look how linear and orderly, pulled back to the 100day found support, pulled back again found support then broke out of this range, and it also showed rs for several weeks before this breakout.
  • You can’t just take any random stock that has made a move recently that’s up 50% in the past month and now it’s building hls and surfing the MAs, it’s not that easy, it needs to be something special and that’s what takes time. Stick to the ones that are surfing the 20day, and the 50day is okay if it’s like a mid/largecap stock but these micro caps shouldn’t be below the 20day.


  • That’s how I work, I’m an on off guy. I’m not one of these guys that log in play for two hours in the evening, no. When I do something I go all in. I cancel my social life. Yeah guys if you wanna be successful traders you have to cancel your social life for a while, for at least 3-6 months.
  • I’m gonna retire when I’m fed up with you guys, when I can’t take it anymore.


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