323 [New project! Struggling trader feedback starting 16.10-16.32 desktop time. Apr 13, 2021]

  • RIOT stopped me out yesterday late day, I took a 400k loss on it, and now it’s gapping higher. I rebought some pm. At least I kept half my GBTC.
  • Citron hit RIOT okay, that’s why RIOT has been acting like sh*t compared to MARA, bc there’s something wrong with it, at some point the fundamentals do matter, and it’s been obvious the past couple of weeks where MARA has been going straight up and RIOT has been struggling there’s something wrong.
  • RIOT now this is interesting, bc I think a lot of fundamental shorts piling up, and if it starts breaking out could actually make a big move, bc it’s not going away, look at where it found support on the 60min, rising 10ema.
  • MU look how relentless it’s building hls, one of these days it’s gonna breakout and go to like 130 in a straight line.
  • ARKK bought breakout.
  • UPST, I have such a small position I’m gonna trail it with the 50day, I still think it’s gonna go higher, such a small position I don’t really care.
  • NVCR yeah what are the criteria of an ep? Gap up more than 10%, big volume out of the gate, and news. Avg volume on this thing is like 600/700k, this traded that in the first couple of mins, by the time it took out orhs, it had already traded the avg volume, that’s what you wanna see in an ep. Look at it back here [30/7/2020] didn’t have a lot of volume but it had big earnings, and look at the move it started, multi quarter move 150%.
  • NVCR failing, it’s a big gap up, 46%, you don’t want to buy gap ups that are too big, but sometimes they can actually work. AMRN fall of 2018, this thing gapped up 240%, and it took out orhs late day, look at the volume, went from trading a few million shares per day to over 150M, that’s an ep. Especially the ones that take out the hods mid/late day that kinda digest first, and try to break down intraday then kinda reverse. My favourite types of ep are earnings related, either guidance, or e/rs, they’re just so much easier than biotechs where there’s so many moving parts.
  • A lot of these software/tech stocks that last week/two weeks ago bounced off their major MAs, they’re not having some pretty decent follow through. CRWD undercut the rising 150day had this little breakout day of this range now bouncing higher. ZS bounced above the 200day, ROKU bounced off the rising 150day, FVRR above the 150day, TTD undercut the 200day twice, TSLA the 150day, SQ above the 150day and this thing is going straight up.
  • IWM can’t reclaim the 20/50day. Ideal scenario it kinda retested this 210 area, builds a hl, finds support on the rising 100day and maybe sets up again in a few weeks, builds a little bit more of a base then we get a big run sometime later in the spring to high 200s or something. I don’t like the fact IWM is fading, SPYs and QQQs strong but IWM not acting well.
  • The problem with Pradeep’s method, not every stock is created equal, this is why I use ADR. You buy something like NET would be considered a breakout up 4%, but something like CITI a 4% move would be almost 2x ADR, you can’t put a hard rule like 4% bc you’re gonna have very diff outcomes on diff types of stocks. It’s all relative.
  • TSLA yesterday is where it broke out, look at these tight candles, today is a chaser day.
  • TWTR had a tight candle day before, bounced off the rising 50day, not a traditional setup it’s a variation, you wanna buy leading stocks near their major MAs, that’s the idea.
  • Struggling Trader Feedback: Okay ASXC bought it [22/3/2021] stopped out the next day. This is here [19/3/2021] is the ideal entry day, bounced off the 50day and here is where the range break was. Always try to buy on the entry day, the setup itself was okay I guess, hls big momo stock, but the market was in a correction kinda thingy, wasn’t a good market environment. ET, bought it [9/4/2021] got stopped out 7.95, stop should have been lods, and the setup itself not that great, big laggard energy stock, energy stocks been running 5/6months, this was a huge laggard. FLL, 9.84 there was np breakout here, this [8/4/2021] would have been the entry day for maybe a 3 star setup at most, [12/4/2021] was not a setup. JFIN there was no setup here, just random. OVV setup was okay [6/4/2021] I bought GUSH the same day, good setup good entry but it just failed, sometimes setups fail. UAMY no breakout here, you bought it inside of a range.
  • Struggling Trader Feedback: APHA [3/2/2021] the setup itself was really good, just didn’t work out. SIEN [3/2/2021] momo stock had a little bit of a flag but you kinda anticipated a breakout, best to wait for a breakout. DSX bought it here [10/3/2021] that’s a really good setup 5 star setup, sold half size at 327 [16/3/2021] then it closed below the 10day but way off the lows then stopped the rest [24/3/2021] this is a good trade. OGI was an ep [11/3/2021] just didn’t have any follow through. UAL good entry [11/3/2021] decent setup, sold same day bc it closed weak yeah I don’t blame you it’s fine. TRCH bought it [11/3/2021] maybe a 3 star. BHR kinda choppy one, you anticipated a breakout that never happened. ZOM bought it [12/3/2021] and panic sold it 2.22, setup was okay I guess, you’d have gotten stopped anyway. SNDL bought it [15/3/2021] setup wasn’t that great. SOS bought it [15/3/2021] setup was okay, but Mar2021 was a tricky month, most of the speculation money went away. GMBL bought it [15/3/2021] stopped out following the sell rules, was an okay setup and whole sector kinda strong, just didn’t work out. EYES [18/3/2021] not that great of a setup okay I guess, if it had been Jan2021 would have gone to 30. HOFV entry was solid [29/3/2021] tight on the 60min just no follow through.
  • Focus on flags, when they just break out of clean ranges. These are all just fantasy trades, just a random range break and you’re hoping they’re gonna go to the moon. SPWR this was a good setup, clean range break [28/9/2020], this was a good setup [05/11/2020], this was a good setup [15/12/2020] clean flag breaks.
  • Most of the issues was just trading mediocre setups. You really need to spend at least a few hundred hours studying what a good setup looks like, and less anticipation. Too many random stocks with random setups, if you wanna make big money in the stock market, or any money, you need to focus on stuff that is not random. you really need to figure out what’s random and what’s not.


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