322 [New project on the stream starting this week! Apr 12, 2021]

  • SI is an absolute monster from where it bounced off the 50day [30/03/2021].
  • RIOT bought orhs. RIOT needs to retake the 20day, it looks so good look show it’s surfing the 50day and now it had a 3day range here. Looks like it wants to burst through the declining 20day. RIOT I sold half, I may add back that if it shapes up, bc crypto itself is holding up. RIOT is going, and this is a 5* setup, you almost can’t have a more beautiful setup than this, it’s incredible.
  • Things were looking great and now they’re not looking great, I don’t care what the indices are doing, just the fact that my names are so sensitive. Look at COMPQ, had a tiny downtick, and look at some of these stocks I’m in like semis, they’re making much bigger names than the index, I don’t like that not a good sign, you want your stocks to hold up better than the index generally.
  • MU bought orhs. MU wasn’t a great setup to begin with, it was a so so setup. MU pulled back but it’s building a hl, I was thinking about using Friday’s low as my stop tbh, bc I kinda felt like this would happen, it would pull back to the rising 20ema, stop me out and then it would hold it.
  • TSLA so strong, I hope I’m not gonna regret passing on it.
  • This is a great market to learn, learn patience, and then when the market gets really good again, we go into an aggressive market, you’re gonna print money. I think starting out in a free money environment is not a good thing, people will think they’re a genius when in reality they’re just lucky, and it creates some really really bad habits, and bad habits are gonna kill you in the stock market.
  • Easiest way to be patient is go away from the computer, or have a set limit of trades like 1/2/3 trades per day, especially if things are not going well, you should limit the amount of trades you make.
  • TBBK, eh had a better setup Friday. It had a really really good setup [6/1/2021] this was a really really good setup.
  • Seriously guys, if you’re gonna be a swing trader, you’d better find something to do most of the time. Doing something else when the market is open, it’s an edge, constantly watching charts you’re gonna burn out.
  • IBD greatest opportunities charts, these are weekly charts but it’s the same patterns, the best ones are htfs, these flat top htfs.
  • I’m starting something new in the stream, for those swing traders struggling, make a google doc and post a daily chart, and just do your entries and exits with an arrow or something and let’s figure out what you’re doing wrong. Also like sizing, account risk etc.


  • Making a wow guild, okay gonna name it Loke Fanclub. If you wanna friend me, add: qullamaggie #2879
  • Let’s do a gender poll. I think some people were just trolling in the poll, I don’t believe either than 6% were non binary, I don’t believe that, I think we can discard most of those votes.
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