328 [zzz. Apr 20, 2021]

  • I’m seeing a lot of these growth stocks that made big moves over the past 2/3years have been basing for 6/7/8months now, which is pretty good, we may get some good EPs this earnings season tbh.
  • DOGE, buy it here at 50B mcap, sell it at 500B. I think it’s a pretty solid thesis tbh.
  • That one stock that looks good and is breaking out, it’s usually a fools game, you wanna buy breakouts when there’s a lot of setups, when a lot of things are breaking out, you feel you’re missing out, you’re passing on 4/5* setups because there’s only so many things you can focus on, that’s what you wanna see, not one random stock looking good.
  • I don’t care percentage wise how deep a pullback is, not something I pay attention to, doesn’t really matter, what matters is where does it find support, the 20/50/100day, and how it acts around that MA, that’s what matters.
  • This is the type of market where you hone your skills, where you sharpen your toolbox, and when we get some better price action, you’re gonna have a big edge over everyone else, who blew up.
  • Pretty much every market year, an average market year usually has 2-3 decent bull runs. And also realise even periods like this, say DJ-30 [1951-1952], the market didn’t really have any big up/down moves was in a sideways range, you still have leading sectors that go up, there’s always something money flowing into.
  • This is what the market is most of the time, it’s not going up it’s not going down, it just exists. The market is open, and it doesn’t really mean anything, it could as well be closed, not gonna make a difference for us, we wait for our spots, we wait for those perfect setups. That’s our job, our job is not to trade, our job is to wait, and once you understand that you have a good shot of making it in trading.
  • A lot of these stocks they look fine they just need another week or two, this is base building, not the end of the world, it’s base building.
  • A mediocre setup in a great market, will work better than a great setup in a bad market. FUTU is a good example of that, this is the market we’re in; whack-a-mole.
  • Struggling trader feedback: MU entry was good [1/4/2021] was an ep. NXST [7/4/2021] was an okay setup but it took out the lows the next day. RIOT [12/4/2021] was a good setup, just a very tricky trader. C you pretty much anticipated the breakout that didn’t happen. HZO entry [12/4/2021] and stopped out next day, was surfing the 50day, in an uptrend, very orderly, got tight building hls, very good setup. OLN, not a good setup at all, wasn’t tight before, was surfing the 10/20day building hls but it needs to be tight, this is just all over the place.


  • You know what else feels bad? Trading, most of the time.
  • If you’re looking for constant action, you’re not gonna make it. If you want action, try heroin. I heard it’s pretty good.
  • Stockbee, pro tip, go all the way back through his free site, it’s gonna take a while, a lot of good info here. It’s free.


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