318 [Semiconductors big follow through from the breakouts! Apr 5, 2021]

  • UPST had a great setup Friday, look show nicely it’s surfing the 10day, incredible strength, I still think it goes to 200, still have half my shares.
  • Pretty much everything gapping higher, everything looks pretty good, and there are still things setting up that’s the best part, that’s what you want to see; you want to buy some breakouts, you want to see them having follow through and then you want to see new things setting up.
  • BTC is flagging beautifully, once it breaks this 60k it’s gonna go to 80/100k very easily. MARA no setup here but RIOT is beautiful. Why is MARA so strong and RIOT lagging here.
  • GBTC the main watch, could easily go 70/80 is it gets going. GBTC holy sh*t this thing is so tight, this is a 5.3% ADR stock that’s been trading in a 2% range for the past 3-4sessions. GBTC bought some.
  • Get used to getting stopped out guys, some of the best trades I’m usually early, I’m usually early on the short side, I get stopped out once or twice and then I nail it.
  • ETHE was a nice one, straight up from entry, I bought it at 17, but I was zero for five on it at one point, before I finally nailed it, and now looking for a big move.
  • You wanna be in stocks that are explosive. How do you know? Well look at the previous moves it made, was it a grinder or was it an explosive stock, that’s how you know.
  • Zanger went from like 10k to 48M in a couple of years, then I think he lost at least half of it, that’s the problem with leverage. He was long some of these fibre optic stocks in 2000 then one of the leading ones guided lower and all of them tanked, he was heavily margin long in the sector and lost like half his account in a few days. That was pretty much the beginning of the tech bear market in 2000. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from these traders, there’s a reason he went from 10k to 48M bc he was heavily levered, and the reason he gave a lot of it back bc he was heavily levered, if you can find a sweet spot between leverage and returns that’s a good thing. There’s a reason why I have 21 stocks in diff sectors in my portfolio, diff sectors diff stocks, many times I’m long and short the same time.
  • TKAT beautiful breakout today, look how it’s been building hls, I kinda missed it/passed.


  • I learned a lot from Nate, I used to be in IU for several years, I also went to T4AC once I think 2016, actually he asked me to be a speaker this year since it’s a virtual event but I declined, but maybe if they have a physical event next year maybe I’ll be a speaker. I’m in no chat rooms, if you’re a good trader you don’t need to be in any chat rooms, they’re all a distraction. I was a member 2011-2012 and then again 2013/2014 something like that, but it was no nonsense, like this chat.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time to figure out about MM, he likes to be seen and heard. Yeah both his books are great. You have to separate Twitter-vini versus the other stuff he’s done.
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