319 [Need lots of patience with current positions and letting new stuff set up. Apr 7, 2021]

  • GBTC hurts a bit, gapping down below my stop. Let’s see if BTC can build another hl, maybe retest the 50day, get back into this high 50k range. It’s just building a big big flag, look at the hls.
  • GRWG I think it’s starting to set up, ideally goes sideways for another week or so, looks great building hls, surfing the rising 100day, insane growth.
  • Yeah even in bear market years there are 2-3 bull runs per year, remember the biggest bull runs are during bear markets. As a swing trader most of your money will come from just a few months per year, the rest of the time you’re just gonna break even, and if you’re not careful lose money.
  • One sector I really like for the upcoming months is Solar. A lot of these names made big moves 2019/2020, been going sideways for 6-7months and been building hls, they’re building big flags on the weekly, like SEDG, ENPH, RUN, this is one sector potentially setting up not ready yet, need a few more weeks, but something I’m stalking.
  • TSM I don’t like the fact it’s building lhs below the 50day, you know what I’m gonna size down if it loses the lows of the previous days.
  • KWEB stopped out too, rallied into the declining 20day and got rejected.
  • ABNB starting to set up really nicely, recent ipo, reopening play, in a big flag.
  • ROKU look how nicely it bounced off the rising 150day, built some hls and now it’s straight up since. SQ too, right off the rising 150day, SE also, undercut reclaimed built some hls and off it went. I need to get better at buying these types of dip setups.
  • PINS yeah beautiful pocket pivot type of setup, kinda kicking myself for not buying it, but not really my type of setup.
  • W is one of the better looking ones, this thing is a beautiful flag, been building hls for a while now. I think once this thing gets going could easily go to 500, it’s getting tighter I like that.
  • Commodity names are diff than growth stocks generally, just all over the place sometimes. Commodity names are generally better bought near the MAs, they tend to not be as good buying breakouts, sometimes they can be really good but if you study thousands of market leaders, generally commodity names are a big harder to trade buying breakouts like htfs.
  • You should look at catalysts, you’ll start noticing different groups running at the same time, for eg the 2003-2007 market there were lots of emerging market stocks like China, SA, a lot of steel, commodities, O&G, shippers, made big moves. While this recent bull market has been mostly about tech and software, and commodities have been in the sh*tter most of the time.
  • Jesse Stine, yeah he traded the fast growing triple digit small/microcap stocks, turned like 10k into 7M and then he lost most of it. A lot of the people who make a lot of money don’t keep it, that’s the problem, bc they lack perspective, they lack rules, they do the right thing at the right time and think they’re geniuses, and then the market changes and what they’re doing stops working and they don’t know what to do, they keep doing the same thing, sometimes even start reckless things like double down and then they get run over. It happens to a lot of traders, read, study, you’ll see. You need to be doing things differently if you wanna keep your money, that’s why it’s so important to study the markets, study setups, study the indices, what have the indices been doing for the past 50/100years, look at the big bull runs, the big bear runs, look at how they act, you need to get perspective, once you have perspective you will be in control, you won’t be a victim of the markets.
  • HIMX look at this 5* breakout [30/12/2020] htf breakout.


  • Oli Kell really good interview, it’s amazing he talked about these stocks was like wait is he talking about my trading, his entries and exits were pretty much the same as mine. Was insane how similar we trade, same stocks. Very similar trading approaches, bc he’s figured out how stocks move, nothing new under the sun, they moved the same way 300 years ago as they move today, it’s all about learning the patterns and then also recognising the correct sectors, correct stocks to trade and correct market environment.
  • Anyone in Stockholm that wants to buy a 32” 4k monitor, I’m gonna downsize my trading setup. It’s a scam? Wait you’d rather buy Oliver’s monitor than mine.. ok where’s the block button?
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