310 [More patience needed. Mar 22, 2021]

  • Cryptos flagging nicely, BTC, ETC, they’re all flagging. Crypto stocks are flagging bc the cryptos are flagging, getting excited for some of these crypto names.
  • AMC now breaking below this trend line, if it can’t rally maybe I’ll go short this thing, if it can prove its backside. Missed the entry. AMC took with half size.
  • HITIF, yeah looks good. CTRM looks really good. LLIT, yeah maybe.
  • HOFV was an ep, NFT stock, I bought it somewhere here in the 3.80s when it took out intraday highs, after building hls.
  • AMAT bought breakout. Stopped out, wicked.
  • EPs on the short side are not the same as EPs on the long side, don’t do EPs on the short side.
  • FRHC, possibly a setup, this thing has made a big move, was a 20c stock a few years ago, now it’s at $53 not bad, imagine catching something like this, goes from 20c to $60, 37000% in a few years.
  • ABNB I can’t decide if it’s a good setup or not, it’s all over the place would prefer more sideways, building hls, bounced off the 50day perfectly here, undercut and reclaimed here then it bounced off perfectly here, that’s a sign of strength.
  • Only thing working in my portfolio rn is these microcap pumps, gambling and NFTs, and also this UPST ep.
  • Many of the best trading books are not trading related, books on developing expertise are generally pretty related to trading, bc a lot of people don’t understand how you get good at something, once you understand how you get good at something you will get good at trading, if you apply those principals.
  • Solar, I do like that the solar etf TAN is building hls off this 150day, but I don’t see any setups yet in the solar space, not yet.
  • AVGR wow good one, good find.
  • MFH rumoured nft, now we’re getting in sketchy territory, the bigger the fraud, the better the move, the sketchier the better.
  • Not trading is the hardest thing ever, I’m fanatically looking for trades, that’s never a good sign.
  • Would you consider all this choppy action sideways consolidation? Yes, that’s literally how bases are built, that is literally how bases are built.


  • NFT means non fungus token. Crypto tokens that don’t get fungus, apparently. Google it.
  • There’s a video of me on YouTube from Suretrader?
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