309 [Crypto setups for next week! Mar 19, 2021]

  • FBOs give you valuable information, if a FBO goes lower and puts in a hl that’s valuable info, of course it’s part of the base.
  • Watching some of the former leaders in case we go lower, I think ROKU and TSLA are both kinda weak ish, kinda bear flagging ish. Missed TSLA and ROKU, everything going straight down now. TSLA shorted some, but it’s not tight, prob gonna get stopped out, it’s not tight, prob gonna rally back into these MAs.
  • Market trend is downwards for now, especially like the former leaders, the juice is not there, dangerous market, there are some things there but playing these stupid micro caps like SLGG, OCG, GMBL, OGI, AESE and some of the others, it’s not really my game, doing it mostly bc I’m bored, I just don’t see much in lcap land.
  • This is good, I hope we go lower, get some new bases, new setups, remember the easiest money is made after a market pullback, but you gotta survive the market pull back.
  • TME is one of the very few stocks actually going higher, but that’s the problem, look at the other China names, it’s one of a thousand, you keep buying breakouts bc you see one working but you don’t realise 95% of those breakouts will fail, the odds of you capturing that one stock that goes pretty slim.
  • GME still disappointed I never traded it here 263s, when it broke this bear flag. AMC not gonna miss though, shorted some. Reclaiming that’s not really what I want to see, I thought it was gonna break down like GME did.
  • UPST I sold about 20%, I kinda guess I should have sold more it was a big move, it’s a midcap stock was up 100% yesterday, and went up 40% after my entry, that’s a huge move, double in a day. This is exactly what you want to see in an EP, look at this volume, more than 10x avg. Same thing that happened to SNAP, look at this volume this is why EPs can be so powerful, first EP that started the move, big earnings beat, big guidance, then it had a follow through EP here. PINS same thing huge volume. UPST I’m gonna try hold for a long time, gotta have patience. UPST took out yday highs, omg the strength in this thing.
  • Not really a good earnings season for EPs, but that’s what happens after you get a big bullrun, there’s just no setups, EPs work the best when the market has gone down or sideways.
  • AI I got stopped out that late day move two days ago, was short this thing, now it’s breaking down.
  • W taking out the highs, after it stopped me out of half my size yesterday.
  • ZKIN I can’t look at this thing, I had 200kshares at 8.10 or so then I got stopped out, and never rebought it.
  • GRWG for next week, needs to tighten up a bit more, one of the best growth stocks. And look at what started the move, EP, triple digit earnings.
  • Stop watching every tick, take the intraday off your screens you don’t need to watch them it’s a waste of time, set your stop and then watch yt or something. Stocks go up, stocks go down, and even the stocks that go up go down in the meanwhile, don’t worry about it.
  • I like some of these crypto names for next week, if they can go sideways a bit more. BTC is relentlessly building hls, look how it’s surfing the 10day, hopefully it goes sideways over the weekend, I don’t want a breakout over the weekend, want it sometime next week so we can get our setups.
  • It’s so boring to be patient, so boring, but the trader who can withstand the boredom the best, will be the one who comes out winning on the other side. The people always looking for action, they’re not gonna last for long.
  • GMBL this will go, looks incredible, I think it’s gonna 2/3x once it breaks out of this flag.
  • CLVS, the volume is wow amazing highest vol ever, phase 3, you can see avg vol on this like is like 7.5M or so, it traded that in the first few mins after the open, that’s what you wanna see on these smaller cap names, they should trade the avg daily vol very fast, vol is the key.
  • SLV looks good it’s getting super tight here, I think SLV could make a big move if it breaks out. Last time it had a breakout SLV went up 62%, I would imagine a similar move this time if it breaks out, big long base. But I’m gonna trade AGQ since it’s a supercharged version of it, last time SLV made a big move AGQ went up 155%.


  • Some hedge fund emailed me, but I just ignore them. They would never be able to pay me what I want to get paid. Wait do I have to put on a suit and go to an office? Oh f*ck. If you don’t have any hair can you get hired at Goldman? I’m gonna market order some pos smallcap on day one and get fired.
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