308 [Setups developing but they need more work. Mar 18, 2021]

  • AOUT maybe an ep, big numbers. May be an ep, the numbers look good on the surface but I haven’t look at the guidance and stuff like that.
  • ZKIN I got stopped out when never got back in, I was bidding on it low 8s but didn’t trade there. Got OCG, the others kinda missed. TKAT only up 351% since yesterday, I won’t trade on the short side though maybe tomos.
  • A lot of the earnings EPs are not working bc the stocks are very very extended, they already had their runs, EPs need to be early or coming out of a long base or weakness, those are the best ones, not when the market has already gone up 12 months in a row. But a lot of EPs are working, like these NFT stocks.
  • But also make sure the news is good, it has to be a surprise to the market. Just bc a stock is gapping up on volume doesn’t make it a good buy. There has to be some driving force, driving force that will push it higher for weeks and months.
  • The more you can ignore the noise the better, focus on setups, focus on price action, focus on what the stocks in your tradable universe are doing, that’s your job. Everything else will take care of itself. The best traders are very good at taking losses, and cutting out noise.
  • AESE, when wsb finds this it’s gonna triple. And I see this SLGG and GMBL flagging really nicely, if these things go, this GMBL man it’s gonna be a big move once it breaks out of this flag, SLGG looks very explosive too, and AESE will go too, the people who are gonna buy this thing trust me they don’t know anything about fundamentals, they don’t care.
  • UPST yeah I did buy it, already traded avg daily volume 12mins after the market open, pretty significant. Recent IPO, coming off of some weakness, guidance was insane, but obviously includes the company they bought so it’s not like organic growth, but we’ll see. Now I wish I’d bought more, yeah this is perfect, already up 15% I’ll start selling small chunks. I only got 30kshares, bc it’s kind of an illiquid stock. Man, now this is an ep, I wish I’d got some on the 1min orhs 85s, I chased it at 89.
  • DISCA short, I had it yesterday got stopped out, actually stopped myself out before my stop was hit, closed very strong I didn’t want to deal with a gap up, maybe if it keeps going higher I’ll look at it next week or something, rn I’m not interested in it. VIAC is working nicely though, bounced off the 10day but at least this thing now showed its first crack so we’ll see gonna use yday high as stop on it.
  • VSTO this is a good setup, congrats to those who had this thing on their wl coming into today, this was a very good setup, shouldn’t have taken more than half a second to see.
  • US has the best stock market yep, US has some of the most amazing companies in the world and the best stock market by far, there’s no reason to trade any other stock market, the opportunity in the US markets nothing even comes close. There’s a lot of like Chinese, European, Israeli, SA companies, you can pretty much trade the whole world just from the US stock market, no reason to be anywhere else.
  • GME I wonder if it’s a potential short setup, maybe later today, not gonna touch it rn.
  • NVAX was beautiful when it bounced off the 100day, started building hls and took out this range, this day here [11/3/2021] I was thinking about it but never pulled the trigger. MRNA same thing, bounced off the 100day, started building hls and then it had a break out of this range. I passed on them, not really good at these setups but trying to improve.
  • YVR I’m trying to buy it on the dip, depends how fraudulent this company is for my size, if it’s a total fraud I’ll do another 100kshares. I want the most fraudulent frauds. Any stock can crash at any point, but you want the stocks that go up 500% before they go down 50%. I have 0.25% equity in this thing, I want to get it to at least 1%.
  • EYES bought breakout.
  • CPE yeah this is one type of short setup that can work, you have a big long trend and then it breaks one of these key MAs, showing some weakness, sure.
  • I’ll go through some of these sh*tty otcs. Yeah I’ll buy the float on SIEGY, is that a fraud?


  • They could have just asked me, I would have done the offering for them. Next time come to me first, I’ll give them a better deal.
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