307 [Late upload – Tuesday March 16. Mar 17, 2021]

  • OCG what a move, that thing doubled after I bought it.
  • BILI had this fade, and now it’s building hls, looks pretty decent. Look where it found support, on the 20 weekly, it’s been surfing the 20 weekly, this is what momo stocks do usually, surf the 10/20weekly, it found support perfectly off the 20weekly, building hls now breaking this range. BILI bought some highs.
  • FUTU big growth stock, good earnings, hopefully it doesn’t break out today, I want this thing to go sideways another week or two, let the 50day catch up and then break out, that would be a much better setup. Let it base here, just digest its big move, it 3/4x in a short amount of time, before that it 3/4x, so the bigger the base the bigger the move, would be great if it stays below 165 today. Bought some FUTU, risky one it’s inside of a range, probably gonna get stopped out.
  • GME I didn’t trade it yesterday, what a miss, hate when I pass on free money.
  • CCIV finally made that move, never gave a clean entry. MRNA too from the bottom breakout here [11/3/2021] having a nice follow through, I must get better at buying these pullbacks to the major MAs.
  • SHOP, not really a momo leader now it’s pretty much gone sideways for like 6months, relentlessly building hls, just recently tested the 200day, reclaimed and now it’s building hls, breaking out of this tiny range here. I actually took a tiny loss on 1/3 size, maybe I’ll rebuy it, it’s more of a pocket pivot type of setup not really like a breakout. Bit of a tricky setup, reminds me of when I bought TDOC [6/1/2021] this one also was a little bit non traditional, but that one went straight up.
  • Limit orders are for losers, on stops I mean, bc you won’t get filled, and it kinda destroys the objective of the stop right.
  • CDXC oh how it was a really good setup, orhs was the entry, really good looking setup, this is what it looked like coming into today, this is something you should be able to identify in half a second, shouldn’t take more than half a second to say wow, and it goes on your watchlist.
  • MU yesterday I said I was gonna do 250kshares, I only bought 150kshares bc it gapped up, I have a hard time buying gap ups sometimes idk why.
  • WDC yeah it’s a good setup, looks like MU they’re all the same.
  • How’s everything so red today when the Nasdaq is up? Well that’s how the markets work, the indices are not the perfect guide, this is why watching individual stocks is more important than watching the indices, even though I do look at the indices too, watching individual stocks trumps everything.
  • BTC looks fine, pulling back to support, nothing to see here, wait for our spots.
  • Estimates I get from Marketsmith and Koyfin. Here you can see sales estimates and eps estimates, two/three years out.
  • ZKIN looks like it found support on the rising 20ema on the 60min, and built another hl, the question is is it gonna hold?
  • I once lost 50% of my account in like an hour shorting a momo stock back in 2014, I was just having some great success in trading, I think I ran up my account to like 100k or so and then I lost 50% of it in like an hour, one trade, I was devastated. And the amount of times I’ve lost 1/3 or 1/4 of my account inside of a few hours, shorting momo stocks, back in 2015 it happened 3-4times, one was the Shkreli stock KBIO, I was gonna short it over the weekend, left the computer 15mins came back up 500%, lost 1/4 of my account on that one. If you’re into BDSM you may like shorting a lot. That’s the thing if you break a rule on the long side, worst thing you can do it lose 100%, if you break a rule on the short side, you may lose all your money and more.


  • Guys, this is the keyboard David uses.
  • You can blame me for everything, if you go bald blame me, if you gain weight blame me, if you get addicted to computer games blame me. If you get filthy rich, blame me. If you lose all your money blame David.
  • My left shoulder is bust so I can’t really do bench pressing, it’s been bust for like 10 years.
  • I feel sick, I ate chocolate with popcorn in it, problem is I’m allergic to corn, but I ate it anyway.
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