306 [Late upload – Monday March. Mar 17, 2021]

  • The longer BTC can go sideways the better setups we’re gonna have in MARA and RIOT. MARA and RIOT are so strong, they didn’t even dip with BTC, BTC dipped over the weekend.
  • RCL bought orhs.
  • SLV is coming back, which means it’s AGQ time, is it a good setup though? It’s more of a potential pocket pivot type of setup, it is relentlessly building hls, just won’t go away. GLD has gone away GLD has broken down, but SLV just keeps coming back building hls and a big flag on the weekly and monthly. Bought some. Looks like I got stopped out AGQ. I’m more than half the volume today.
  • DMTK good looking one, all these good setups have to be so thin I can’t trade them.
  • CCIV yeah I had it on my wl but I removed it, idk I would prefer a better pattern it’s kinda all over the place, and not sure usually means no for me. But yeah this think could work, could very easily go back to mid 30s, it is a very explosive momo stock but it’s just not a good enough setup for me.
  • YALA beautiful numbers, beautiful estimates, why does it have to be so thin? This thing goes in my triple digit watchlist. Volume so far pretty decent, 22mins after open already avg daily vol, I would say could be a potential ep but rn it’s too weak, needs to obv take out hods first, I hope it goes sideways for a few days and then breaks out. Just like RKT, had really good numbers, gapped up, crapped, then next day it gapped up and just went.
  • Stock market works in a way that confuses most people most of the time, that’s why it’s so important to have specific entry and exit rules. Numbers are the fuel yes, our job is to trade the setups, on stocks that have a lot of fuel. Could be earnings and rev growth, sometimes it’s just rev growth, sometimes it’s just future revenues with no current product or service, sometimes it’s just a powerpoint presentation, fuel could be many things. And in some type of market environments, some types of fuel work better than others.
  • They just need more time, but pretty good market, and the most important thing, there are so many things setting up across diff sectors, that makes me very optimistic, that’s what you want to see, it’s the opposite of what happened early/mid Feb2021 where some things went up a little but you saw a lot of things starting to top out, a lot of extended stocks got so tired and no new things setting up, that’s when I started shorting TSLA and PLUG and some of these other failed htfs. Rn you see a lot of things setting up that’s a very good sign, that gives me conviction, gotta pay attention to these things, they matter.
  • You get too big for a market, get too cocky, that’s what happens, there’s so many stories like that study them guys, these super successful traders that blow up, it’s the same thing every single time; they use too much margin in a too illiquid market. It’s always these volatility events that take them out, never be too concentrated, that’s why when I’m on margin I usually have like 15/20 diff positions, diff sectors, I have longs/shorts, I think concentration is mostly for losers if you’re a trader, you’re gonna blow up. Unless you have a really small account then you should be more concentrated.
  • PINS, I don’t see any clean thing here, now overall the stock looks good, undercut the rising 100day and now it’s building hls above the 100day, but I just don’t see a clean range here.
  • I’m a big fan of bdsm, so no there is no maximum times I’ll try on a stock after getting stopped out.
  • LDI pretty good ipo base, pretty damn good I would say it’s 5*, not much else you could ask for. Hold sh*t this thing has insane growth, but it’s so thin.
  • GME is actually flagging on the 60min, man what if it has another leg higher goes back to 400, who would have thought wsb was gonna pull it off again? I love wsb, it was a little unclear where the line was, turns out it was at $40, but they came pretty much all the way back so far, kinda cool. Usually when you get these huge parabolic moves, that’s it usually, like 95% of the time that’s it, it’s not gonna make a big move again, but this one actually came all the way back.
  • MU is gonna be a 5* setup for tomos, and this one I can actually do size, if this thing stays like this today and breaks out tomos or the day after, I’ll do 250kshares, you get a liquid stock with a good setup, you gotta size in.
  • W is about to break out of a long range, it’s a big big flag, bought some.
  • NFT stocks, ZKIN it’s a steel company, but as long as people think it’s an NFT why not, bought some, this is a picture perfect scenario of speculation money just waiting for new things, I just recognise the signs, this is called asymmetrical r/r. I want all the frauds, the fraudier the better.


  • The fold is a phone and tablet in one, I’m thinking when I leave home during trading hours, it could be kinda cool to just have your phone with you, I always bring my laptop. I do about ⅓ to ¼ of my trading outside of streaming hours.
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